Oh my poor neglected blog!! I feel as though it's a house that has been locked up for too long and now is covered in silvery cobwebs and a coating of dust. As I wander through the rooms I remember happy times and hear the echoes of laughter.

Well, those merry times are calling me back so I'm going to get my peacock feather duster out, polish up the blog cogs, and get all my recent stories ready to tell.

For now I'll let some fresh air in with this random selection of photos that I've taken over the past few weeks...

Frangipanis are such a favourite flower! The way they fall from the tree is as though Mother Nature is saying "Here- take them home, put them in your hair, give one to a friend.. whatever you do enjoy them!"

Most awesome collection of fabrics ever! 
A generous gift from the heart of a beautiful friend with a beautiful heart!!

I have a 'thing' for colourful pegs. Is that weird?

A big love flower for a dear friend.

 I found a heart of gold!

A 7 year old top, still waiting to be quilted...

 I didn't style this next photo, a few raspberries sprinkled on yoghurt and it turned out as pretty as a picture. Eaten on our deck in the autumn sun.

I love how croton leaves look like leaves of fire!

 So is that enough for now?  I'll have a cup of tea or two and return with lots of colourful photos from my Whizz Bang classes.