Classy fun at Material Obsession

This little sock monkey is like a guardian of the classroom. He watches over us and makes sure we're all having fun. As you can see he takes his job very seriously.

Now I have to say straight up - I'm not very good at taking photos. I get so immersed in teaching and helping people that I rarely remember to reach for the camera but I do have a few glimpses of our colourful times together. 

We love the mini irons, so handy and lightweight when ironing lots of little pieces.



Proof that its all just one big sewing party.  

 Jane went from this little blue center 

To this gorgeous flower.

 Christina keeps her triangles nice and neat. 

Very handy for picking the fabrics for this beauty.

Helena used such fun fabrics, the colours of tropical punch.

Here is her finished block with a background of her giant knitting.

Denuta's beautiful center
 became a ric rac star

Denuta also finished another one of her blocks as a cushion

Lyn's gorgeous pine burr is like lavender, rosemary and thyme.

As promised to those who are too far away to visit Material Obsession here are some photos of the shop.

How fun are these big scissors that are casually leaning on the wall near the entrance! 

I'm sure some of you will recognise this quilt airing on the rails as Round the Garden by Wendy Williams. It was the cover quilt of Simply Moderne #4.

A luscious wall of colour! Loving the row of cushions/pillows along the top.

I was lucky to see these gorgeous quilt in the flesh. Swoon!! It's Kathy Doughty's quilt made using Robin Ruth Designs special rulers that make compasses super easy. I love the size of the blocks and the opportunity they give to play with bigger scale fabrics. Of course Kathy is known for using such fabulous fabric combinations. If you're interested the rulers and pattern are available from Material Obsession. 

I still have more fun class photos to share - from workshops in Coffs Harbour, a friendly town by the ocean, I'll save those up for the next post.

Classy fun at Material Obsession


  1. You are having way too much fun, and teaching at the same time, to take photos Rachael! I! Denuta's version of your folded star! With all this teaching you are doing, have you been able to quit your regular job? I hope so, because this is where your passion lies!

  2. Hi Rachael wow what a fun class,i like seeing all the variations the ladies are doing,they look fantastic,glad you had a fun day.

  3. It is wonderful to see all the gorgeous blocks being made in class. Such a great variety. Looks like you are doing a great job!

  4. Wonderful blocks, I love Denuta's blues & pink & ricrac one! They look quite big, how long does it take to make a folded star?

  5. Whoa...slow down there Miss Nelly! I haven't thought of a witty reply to your other blog post and here you are posting more! Can I say that your teaching and student results are spine tingling good. So many possibilities and experiments with colour, all wrapped up in such an intriguing block, and I thought yo yos were exotic. Thanks for managing to snap a few examples and show us all.

  6. Wonderful blocks made in the class, lucky womens !

  7. Lot of concentration in this class !! And lot of cuties to admire !
    OK all of your students have a wonderful teacher....
    You know what ?? You make me want to make one pine cone block !! YEP !
    I wish you a wonderful WE Rachael !

  8. I feel like I'm in the class with you all! What a bunch of wonderful photos.

  9. It does look like great fun and I love the results you've shown.
    Really striking! Does that technique work with any size square to start with I wonder?
    Seems a shame you cant use scraps and have a wildly scrappy alternative end result lol it could be really psychedelic I imagine lol

  10. So fun to see these photos! Everyone is having a great time with their beautiful pine burr blocks--each one as unique as the maker.

  11. Wow--how fun to see all the Whiz Bang blocks! I think my favorite is the rickrack one--gotta love rickrack. I wish I had just a tenth of Kathy's color and pattern sense--she is amazing.

  12. What lovely blocks your students made. The ricrac one is particularly lovely. Some gorgeous colour combinations too. No wonder you enjoyed teaching the Workshop, Rachael.

  13. What a fun class! Love the vibrant colors.

  14. I got to visit shop, but it was a day with no classes. Can hardly wait for your pattern to come out. I am more than willing to be a tester

  15. All gorgeous, you lucky ladies!

  16. Quante belle immagini...aspetto il prossimo post per vederne ancora di meravigliose...


  17. I understand! I get home from a stitch day and think - wait - what happened!! Ha ha - those were great photos - lovely fabrics you all worked with!

  18. Fantastic blocks....such variety! Love Aound the is on my list.

  19. You take wonderful photos!! Looks like you all had a great day and that quilt Kathy is holding is amazing!

  20. Lordy...did I almost faint from happiness when I saw this blogpost from you!!
    I was on my way down there for your class when the metal from my new knee and shoulder replacement set off the airline security alarms..No matter how much I told them how wonderful you are...there was a big fat NO for me to travel...poor really, TBTG you posted xo

  21. Looks like another great class; I like to see all the different version together - people's takes on the same idea can be so varied and creative.

  22. It looks like it was alot of fun: there are some lovely blocks that your ladies made!! And to get to go to Material Obsession, and then teach at it: oh my!!! How fun to see that Wendy Williams quilt in person, and to see the Kathy Doughty's quilts and HER in person too!!
    What a treasured day that must have been! Hugs, H

  23. I totally understand, I always get so immersed in the class process that I forget to take photos as well. It's hard to remember for some reason. Having too much fun will do that I suppose! These are stunning and I am jealous of those girls, but happy for them. What a wonderful time with beautiful results. Thanks for sharing!

  24. What fun! All those blaocks just make me smile!


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