By now most of you know I can be a cheeky pixie and quite often my quilts have a sneaky twist of some sort. Well, my Happy Memories quilt from the last post does indeed have a surprise for you. 

It's actually the backing...

For my Blue Jeans and Moonbeams quilt

I think of this quilt as a mix of Happy as A Clam ...

and my Colour Undercover quilt.

Blue Jeans and Moonbeams was my entry in the Modern Category of the 2016 Sydney Show.

I wrote in my quilt description: "Sometimes you have to follow an idea no matter how odd it seems. Recycled denim scallops intermingled with fun fabrics, overlapping and cascading."

Yes I know this is not your usual quilt. It would be too heavy and flippy floppy for a bed quilt but it makes an eye catching wall hanging hanging with either the denim scallops or the happy memories side at the front.

But there's another side to this quilt, 
a wild side that likes to dance.
Upside down, sideways and all around,
revealing different colours and fabrics.

You can see what a fun and playful quilt this is, 
even if it is a bit odd. 

PS. Thank you to Mr Daisy for braving a cold winters day to help me take photos. What a gem!!