Here's a top I made a little while ago. 

To make it I raided my scrap buckets and found unused blocks, trimmings from oversized backings, extra pieces of fabric from quilts I've made over the years. It's truly a mix of leftovers.

As I rummaged through the blocks and fabrics I couldn't help but think about the quilts that these pieces came from.

For example this intersection comes from three different quits:

The strawberry fabric is from Strawberries on Ice, the purple trees are from Magic Wheels and the clamshell fabric is from Octopus's Garden.

The blue yellow geese were a rejected border from my Meet You in the Garden quilt

On the right side of the geese are those wonderful big bold bright Kaffe Fasset and Brandon Mably fabrics

They're from this quilt. I used it as a backing for another quilt and had to trim it back to size.

The next photo has a piece of yellow 30's print from the first quilt I ever made.
The cobalt blue flowery fabric was used for the border on Peacock Garden,
I used the Denise Schmidt pink floral as the backing for Charming Smiles.
The red and white daisy print is a favourite fabric that I used in the border of my Undercover Colour red and white quilt.

Peacock Garden

Charming Smiles

Undercover Colour 

Along one side of my scrappy leftovers flimsy is the cut off edge of this colourful quilt,

which was the backing for the Love Quilt that I made for some friends as a wedding present. 

In the middle of this photo there is a Lightning Bolt block from a quilt I never finished. It's nice that it's found a home in a quilt after all.

So as you can see this top is like a fabric diary of my quilting journey so far.

I certainly enjoyed the journey of memories it took me on as I chose pieces and sewed them together. 

I'm sure you'll agree that reminiscing is one of the joys of sewing with our scraps and leftovers! Maybe our scrap bins should be renamed as Happy Memories buckets?