The postie was whistling as he popped the new edition of Simply Moderne in my letter box. I saw him and went out to greet him.
"Have a great day!" he called as he continued on his way.
Ooohhh, a Simply Modern magazine!! Of course it would be a great day with all these pages full of quilty gorgeousness at my finger tips.

When you get a new magazine do you read it methodically from the beginning? One page after another, and resist flipping through to the end in case you spoil any surprises?

or do you skip straight to the projects?

Are you curious about the product and book reviews?

I often read articles about quilters first ( Hello Lorena).

But in this case I raced straight to the article about the Sydney Quilt Show. 

 And was soon hollering and dancing a merry jig around my lounge room and singing 
"Yippee Yay!! Oh Happy Day!!"
 There was my Blooming Doilies taking up a whole page!!
That's not all though - my Undercover Colour quilt was also included in the article. Oh happy day indeed!!!

There are lots of my other favourite quilts from the show as well. It was wonderful to see them again. I know I've said it before but Quiltmania and Simply Moderne are super stars for showing off Aussie quilts and quilters to the world.

To celebrate I made myself a cup of tea.

and settled into reading the whole magazine.
I thoroughly enjoyed every page, from the beautiful front cover...

all the way to the back cover.

A little note for Aussie readers - It takes a while, like a couple of months for Simply Moderne and Quiltmania to make it into our newsagents. There's a couple of things you could do so you don't miss out. You could organise with your local newsagent to keep a copy aside for you when it comes in. Or you can subscribe and get the magazines delivered straight to you, that way you get them when they're released without the long wait. If you're lucky you might even catch the postie whistling as he pops it into your letter box :) Here's the link to subscribe.