"I'm putting on my bow ties, brushing off my top hat..."

That's the song I was humming as I sewed bow tie blocks for a swap organised by Barb of Fun with Barb.
Barb has organised 81 quilters ( that's a lot of quilters!!) from all around the world to make bow tie blocks. We send them to her and she sorts them out so that everyone gets a mix of blocks. It's a great way to get a variety of fabrics in a number of blocks, but mostly it's about being part of something fun in the quilting community.

Silly me forgot to take photos before I packaged the finished blocks up to send. To make up for my scatterbrain lapse I decided to take you along with me on the scenic route to the post office. When my fellow swappers get their blocks they'll know their blocks from me were carried along a green leafy path, under the trees in the land down under.

Okay, off we go, down to the bottom of the garden where there's a path edged by rocks.

It seems as though there are a zillion stairs leading down into the lush green valley.

If I need to stop to catch my breath, I can lose it again looking at the breath taking view. Every time I walk this way I feel so lucky to live in such a beautiful area.

We keep following the stairs, 
step by step
down and down. 
You can see the bridge in the distance.

And here we are at the bridge. We haven't had much rain lately so the creek is just a trickle. It's amazing how quickly it starts flowing again with a shower or two.

Once on the other side the leafy path leads along the creek, through the ferns and under the gum trees.

There are always things to stop and look at, I hadn't noticed this fallen tree before. I loved the beauty in its decay.

When I reach this point where I have to duck beneath the crooked tree growing over the path I know I'm halfway to the shops.

I say hello to the Cousin It grass tree as I pass by.

Photos don't capture the sounds that can be heard on our journey. You'll just have to imagine big noisy Aussie birds yelling and squawking, while others twitter and chatter as though they are telling me the latest gossip.
Unseen frogs croak and make wood block sounds. One day I hope to see one of those shy amphibious fellows.
In the tree tops branches creak and their leaves whisper shhhhhh.
The creek trickles and there's a point the watery splashes get louder as I pass by a waterfall. My heart smiles because Mr Daisy and I had some of our wedding photos taken on the rocks there.
My boots stomp as I walk with heavy steps to let the snakes know I'm coming through and to get off the path.
Occasionally there's a rustle in the bushes but I scurry on, I have no desire to meet a bunyip, and I have important mail to send!!

Before too long the path escorts us upwards

 and onwards.

Soon we're on a road...

that leads to the town car park.

From there it's just a hop skip and a jump to the post office.

Hello posties!! I did plan to get a photo of the parcel as it was being sent but my mail lady was super efficient and whisked it away before I had time to say goodbye. Knowing my parcel was in good hands and on it's way I continued on...

to the newsagents where I bought myself a copy of Down Under Quilts...

because on page 74 and 79 are my quilts in a show and tell article about the 2015 Australian Modern Quilt Show.

The featured blogger in this edition is my blog friend Karen of Pieces of Contentment. It's always a pleasure to visit her blog for her beautiful photos of daily life and nature, and read her thoughtful posts about her sewing, especially as she explores organic fabrics, threads and batting.

So there you are, now you know what my walk into town looks like. Thanks for coming along and keeping me company. When I get my package of bow tie blocks back from the swap I promise I'll share a myriad of photos of them.