I've often said my quilts have more exciting lives than I do. They certainly travel more with trips to exotic faraway places, performing in their in colourful textillian ways. If only they could tell stories of their adventures, I'm sure they would keep us entertained for hours with interesting tales. All I can report is the parts of their journeys that I do know about.

I know I've mentioned before that my Bubbles quilt is enjoying the summer in France being a super star on the cover quilt for Simply Moderne...
... but seeing this photo from the Quiltmania Facebook page of stacks of the magazine surrounded by the team who have produced it made it seem extra real. If you want to see more of the magazine you can flip through and see all the great projects inside at the Quiltmania website, and of course look out for a real copy in newsagents and quilt shops. Or order a copy Here.

Then like ships passing in the night my Double Denim Wedding Ring arrived home after more than a year touring the US with the Double Wedding Ring Quilt Exhibition...

... just as I was labelling and packing up Happy As A Clam to send it on it's way across the seas to be part the World Quilt Show held in Manchester, New Hampshire, August 13th-15th

Here are the destinations and dates where Happy As A Clam will be appearing:

World Quilt Show (Manchester, New Hampshire) -  August 13th-15th
Pennsylvania National Quilt Extravaganza ( Greater Philadelphia Area) - September 17th -20th
QuiltFest Oasis Palm Springs ( Palm Springs, California) - October 8th-10th
Pacific International Quilt Festival ( San Francisco Bay Area) - October  15th - 18th

It's a big honour to have a quilt accepted in the World Quilt Show, and of course I'm over the moon about it, however there's a part of me that is going to really miss seeing this quilt hanging on my wall, but it's good that it's off to spread it's happy ways around the world, after all I made this quilt with the aim to make people smile. If any of you see it hanging in these shows, I would love to hear about it.

So while my quilts are having adventures, what have I been up to?? ...  well. I've been a bit aimless in my sewing room lately. It's not as though I don't have a zillion half finished projects calling my name, or for lack of ideas for new quilts. Maybe it's because there's too many ideas to choose from? Or it could be a winter thing? To kick start my mojo I've decided to put on some music and start folding fabrics. Before long I'm sure I'll be sewing something, and if not at least I'll have neatly folded fabric shelves :) 

To finish up here are some travelling themed fabrics from my stash...