Here we are finally - my two entries for this year's Quilt Show. These are just quick snaps, I'll do longer posts with more photos and stories about them another day.

First up is Blooming Doilies which won the Judges Commendation Award for the Predominantly Hand Quilted category for the Red & White Challenge. 

Blooming Doilies,
When thinking about the red and white challenge cotton doilies came to mind, they are a favourite white thing and look to me like flowers. All they needed was an urn, leaves and a red habitat to bloom. "

My second entry was Undercover Colour. It didn't win any awards but it was popular with viewers for it's surprise factor. 

Undercover Colour
Each shape hides a burst of colour. Maybe it's a game - point at a shape and guess what colour lies beneath, or perhaps it's just good to know a red and white quilt can also be colourful and scrappy.

It's been a fun day full of catching up and chatting with people. I only saw third of the quilts, it's lucky I'm going back on Friday. 
I couldn't be more pleased for the Best in Show winner. Karen Terrens quilt, Sanderson's Apprentice, is sublime!
If you're interested in seeing the winning quilts pop over here to the Sydney Quilt Show Prize Winners site.