I recently realised that one of my favourite quilts, Wild Goose Chase only ever got a brief mention on my blog as part of another post so I decided to give it its own moment in the spotlight. 

I made Wild Goose Chase 5 years ago. It was soon after the first issue of Fat Quarterly ezine came out. In one of the articles the six contributers each made their own versions of a Flying Geese block. I was inspired to see what I could come up with. I decided to get wonky so pulled out some stripey scraps and started to sew. This quilt just grew from there. 

So why is Wild Goose Chase a favourite quilt of mine? Well there's so much to see in this quilt! I find I get caught looking at the different shapes, and then I enjoy the way the stripes lead off into all  directions and then back again, there's just so much movement. The few dots here and there add a hint of dotty goodness. I know it's quite a busy quilt but I find the nautical colours help calm it down a little. 

Although the improv style looks really random, I did take care with the design of certain parts of the quilt, for example I purposely tried to get these red and navy stripes lined up. There are other parts where I've grouped similar fabrics together.

If I need a break from all those stripes. I can flip it over and reveal another quilt of big simple flying geese. The middle triangle disappearing point leads to the reverse side.

 I really like the way the quilting echoes the geese pattern on this side.

I like both sides equally so I think of it as a two sided quilt rather than a front and back. Add that to the list of reasons why it's a favourite.  

It's only a small quilt, perfect for a wall hanging at 24 inches square,

but it's not the size that counts, it's how it looks on the day :) . 

I'm linking up to Bloggers Quilt Festival. Thanks to Amy for hosting a great event that allows bloggers to share their quilts, see other quilter's wonderous work of all styles and enjoy visiting new exciting blogs.