It seems like ages since I bought myself new fabric. When I moved into my sewing room and consolidated my stash into one room I realised how much fabric I have. Enough for a life time! It doesn't mean I'm going to stop buying fabric but I have slowed up for now.  

But it's still fun to buy pretty things.
Which leads to the question...

What do you buy you have overflowing stash of fabric but you're at the Springwood Quilt Show surrounded by colourful stalls?? 

Why buttons of course! So small and cute and they take up only a smidgen of space. 

There was no way I could resist these little bunnies in pretty polka dot dresses. 

They looked as though they needed flowery wooden buttons, and some blue daisies to wander through.

Vintage buttons and a romantic fabric covered button.

How sweet are these little ladies faces
They'll be fun to create with. 

I bought a pretty embroidered doily with cherry blossoms and a crane. 

But the highlight of my purchases was this quirky sewing basket. It had my name written all over it. I love it's long legs that makes it look as though it can do a merry jig. 

Inside it has a handy orange compartment tray. Other than that it's quite plain but that added to it's appeal. A great chance to spruce it up with a makeover to make it my own. I'm planning to line it with some fabulous fabrics, preferably something 70's and floral. Maybe incorporate a pincushion into the lid, and I'd love to add some pompom trim, that might be a bit over the top but we'll see.

A huge mega-thanks to all the wonderful comments for Giveaway Day. Reading about your favourite garden things made me feel as though I was wandering around in a beautiful garden full of delightful sights and scents. 
I used the random selector to choose the Giveaway Day winner and the lucky number was 41 which means Deborah of Sunshine Through the Rain is the winner. Congratulations Deborah, I know you'll you'll make something brilliant with the Gardenvale layer cake. 

I know I'm a bit late at announcing the blogiversary dilly bag giveaway winner but better late than never. To choose I put all the names of the people who wanted to enter into one of the dilly bags. Mr Daisy then pulled out a handful of names and put them into the second dilly bag, from there he picked one. It was Dzintra of The Queen of the Armchair with her choice of the red top bag. Congratulations Dzintra! 

Last but not least as a blogiversary present to myself I made a new page under the header on my blog called "A tour of my blog" with a selection of some of my favourite posts. I think it's a great catch up if you're new to my blog, or if you feel like re-reading some of the more whimsical posts I've written over the years. If you're curious click on the link or have a look here. Feel free to let me know if you have any favourite posts that I should include in the list. :)