This is part two of my previous post. As I was playing with flowers and watermelon I got carried away on a creative wave and started to make floral sculptures. In the end there were too many photos for one post so I decided to separate them. The last post set the scene and answered any questions as to how and why. This is the post where we get to have fun with a parade of weird and wacky arrangements, the likes of which you may not have seen before...

Salute to Geometry

add a few leaves and it becomes...
Flight of the Orange Pelican

When Paris met Cuba they tangoed till dawn

Still life with Watermelon

Great minds...

Passiflora wears a gum blossom wig

Wild Entanglement

Botanical Trophy for Best Watermelon

You can ring my bell!

Flowers for Mr Calder

Bottle brush blush

Bridging the gap

or Is the vase half empty or half full

I hope you've enjoyed this wild bunch of creations. 
I have just one more photo left to share...

...the pretty mess that is created when playing with beautiful botanics. You can't go wrong with flowers, they always look good.

Ps. All the flowers were collected from the garden plus bits and pieces hanging over fences collected on my morning walk. It just goes to show what you can come up with when you have a few sprigs of foliage, a bloom or two and a wedge of watermelon.