...this year certainly is! I feel as though I'm doing a swift jog to keep up. Sometimes you just have to take a minute to slow down and smell the flowers, so here I am with a Flowery First Of The Month post.

Today I'm sharing something I first experimented with 20 years ago when I was a budding florist...

 It all started on a summers day at Flower School. I was learning about floral foam, you know the green stuff that you stick flowers into.  For some reason watermelon popped into my brain, no -not because I was hungry, but because it has a similar consistency to the foam and it holds water (juice). The fact that it is a wonderful pink colour that is complimentary to both bright or pastel flower colours was an added bonus.

So before I was lead astray by other ideas, I raced off to the fruit shop and bought some watermelon. I took it home and gleefully like a crazy flower lady, shoved flower stems into it.  My idea worked a treat!!

I've used different flowers over the years. Gerberas add happy colour, Birds of Paradise and Orchids are great for creating a tropical display, even green leaves used artfully look fresh and fun. Today I started with some electric pink zinnias from my garden. 

The longevity of the flowers differs according to the different varieties, and other factors such as the ripeness of the watermelon, and heat of the room. I find they usually last about a day though I once had some gerberas last 4 days. It's more a style of arranging that's best suited for a party, a function or an afternoon of creative fun. 

You can use the watermelon as little wedges. Picture a row of watermelon triangles on banana leaves running down the center of a long table, with abundant orchids arranged proudly in different colours.

Or just a couple of wedges stacked, 

to feature a single beautiful bloom.

For something different I tried it with a kiwi fruit. The result made me laugh, they look so cute and comical. 

It just goes to show the possibilities are endless. If you have a play with these ideas, I'd love to see. Send me a photo or a link. :)

Wishing everyone a fun, frivolous and fruity March.