I know some of you will be saying "About time!"
I have to admit I've been a bit shy about sharing my wedding photos but it's Valentines and what could be more romantic than a wedding day. So finally, here they are - The Wedding Photos!

It was far from a conventional wedding, more of an elopement with Phil's parents as our witnesses.
In fact it was a call from them saying they were planning a visit in a month that sparked the idea. It was one of those "Let's do it!" moments. We had a month to get organised but everything fell into place as though it was meant to be. The celebrant we wanted was available. There was enough time to have our rings made and just one week before the wedding I discovered the most wonderful photographers, and by a stroke of luck they happened to be available that day. Even the weather was very kind to us with a lovely sunny day. 

The groom, looking very dapper

with his vintage tie and button hole,

and colourful socks!

I wasn't what you would call a traditional bride.

I guess most brides wouldn't be crazy enough to be up before dawn on their wedding day to arrange their own flowers. I listened to our wedding music and sang along as I worked. You can read more about the flowers in this earlier blogpost.

I was very happy when I found a dress within two hours of shopping. I couldn't go past pretty sparkles and the colours of a sunset. 

This beautiful bag was sent to me by a lovely friend a few weeks before, it contained the most wondrous gift, but more about that another time. The bag was a perfect colour match so I used it to carry my bits and pieces. The vintage rose fabric made it like a fabric bouquet.

Okay on with the day! 
Usually I'm the one who cries at wedding but Mr Daisy was the first to shed a tear when I began to pin his buttonhole on. 

His father looking on, bemused.

The ceremony took place at a reserve at the bottom of our garden. A beautiful setting surrounded by a cathedral of trees but to add some festivity we hung colourful bunting. We were supervised by curious kookaburra who watched from a nearby tree as we hung them early in the morning.  

The flags looked lovely fluttering in the breeze.

Everyone knows the best parties have pink flamingos!! 

Mr Daisy and I have been together and married in our hearts for quite a few years so our wedding was more a celebration of our continuing commitment rather than a beginning of a new life. Our vows were simple and reflected this sentiment. 

When we were deciding on rings this style caught our eye for it's simple modern look. We looked at the jeweller's info and nearly fell off our chairs when we saw Tristan Brazier was a Blue Mountains local. Tristan did a wonderful job of making them at short notice. Mr Daisy and I chose the different metals that appealed to us but the same design makes them a pair. A nice symbol of the way we're both quite different people but make a great couple. 

 Bronwyn Dollin was our celebrant extraordinaire. She was just so friendly, so positive, so organised and so lovely. She had a way of adding a warmth to the ceremony that was really special. Her husband Geoff was great too, he looked after the music and was there to generally help out.

Big happy chipmunk cheek smiles!!

more Big Happy Smiles!

Happy parents

Mr Daisy's mum surprised us with a proper wedding cake. Fully made and decorated by her. No-one had told Joan I was wearing orange, but somehow she knew.  

We were lucky to find the best photographers, Grace and Tim of Willow & Co. Two of the loveliest people ever!! I came across their website and loved their natural style of photos and instantly knew that they were the photographers for us. Even though it was just a simple ceremony having our photos taken added another special experience to the day. And I was glad not to think about having to take photos myself.
Grace and Tim have a great way of utilising locations in their photos as you'll see in these pictures taken in the gully at the bottom of our garden. Nowadays when we walk these paths we think of our special day. 

My very favourite photo of the day was this one, when a song began to play and we spontaneously started to dance.  The song was Pocketful of Rainbows sung by Elvis. 
It shows it was a happy dancing kind of day. 

This photo is pretty special too. 

And so that was our Blue Mountains Wedding.

I'd just like to add... 
They lived happily ever after.