I want to begin by saying Thank You times a million to everyone for your wonderful comments about our wedding day. Both Mr Daisy and I feel very touched to received so many heartfelt comments and both agree that your lovely words have added to the magic of our day. 

So now that you've seen the wedding photos I can share the little quilt I made in honour of the occasion

At 20in square it's just a little quilt, but then it was only a little wedding so it suits perfectly
It has a few little details that I'll point out...

Firstly I used the ribbon that I saved from the wedding bouquet. When I made the ribbons I simply cut 1.5in wide strips from some pretty Denyse Schmidt fabric. I left the edges raw for a natural look. Oh so pretty!!

After the wedding I took the ribbons off and washed them. I was inspired by the way they were creased and wrinkled and decided to play with that effect. Soon they became a big ruffled heart.

I had a bit left over so it was tacked it on the side. 

The Love letters were made from the gingham fabric bow that decorated our wedding cake knife. 

And the little heart is a mix of the fabrics. Cut with raw edges, layered and tacked down with big stitches. 

The white heart is cut out of one of Mr Daisy's old white shirts. No, not the one he wore on the day, No matter how tempted I was I wouldn't do that. It was an older shirt that that he'd thrown out but I had grabbed for my stash. I thought it was an apt representation of his wedding shirt. 

The background fabric is one I found on Spoonflower a few years ago. It was just right to conjure up memories of the bunting we had fluttering in the trees. 

Some spare sequins that came with my dress were sewn onto the quilt, along with some daisies because daisies are fun.

The two butterflies came from some fabric that fell out of my cupboard when I was looking for something else. I thought they'd look good so I added them to the quit. Then started to think that the butterflies were a little bit 'Too cute' so I unpicked them ... but the quilt just didn't look right without them so I gave in, said "Righto" and sewed them back on. I sometimes think quilts have their own idea of how they want to look. 

Believe it or not I couldn't find a single orange or cream rose fabric anywhere in my stash so in the end I settled on these big blousey roses for the backing. They might not be the right colour but they capture the essence of beautiful blooms I had in my flowers. 

 So that's my little memento quilt.
A ruffly heart set against a colourful bunting, with gingham love and two butterflies flying amongst sequins and daisies. I think it sums up the day quite nicely, don't you?