These are the blocks I've been making with the Umbrella Prints fabrics I featured in a recent post. Some other friendly fabrics snuck in too - dots, stripes, crosshatch. It just goes to show they can all play nicely together. 
Umbrella Prints latest range is called Flowers so a floral theme was the obvious choice. Perfect for me because I do love flowers. 
I've been making up blocks as I go along, just whatever suits the patterns in the fabric and what style suits me when I have time to sew. I have to admit my approach to applique is a bit liberated. I don't draw a design on the fabric or do much preparation. I simply cut out shapes of freezer paper and iron them onto the applique fabric and use that as a guide to sew. They turn out a bit wonky but I like that look, no flowers are perfect in real life after all. 
My plan is to keep making a mix of blocks until my stack of Flowers fabric has sprouted into a garden of fabric flowers. Then I'll sew them together and call it a quilt. 

An afterthought - In the comments Dawn asked about my applique method. Here's a link to how I sew my applique. The tutorial is for circles but I've sewed all sorts of shapes this way, even birds. One day I'll try some other applique methods, I'm curious about back basting, and it would be wonderful to needleturn like a pro, but in the meantime this works for me.