Have you ever received a gift that has left you speechless.
 The following gift certainly left me that way. 

One quiet afternoon, an unassuming parcel arrived, quite by surprise.
 I opened it up and found this bag with the most wonderful vintage floral fabric. 
"Oooohhh lucky me!!" I thought as I realised who it was from. 
Rebecca from Needle and Spindle makes these Solace craft, project bags, just the right size to carry knitting or some hand sewing. 

I was so chuffed with the bag and admiring the vintage fabric it was made from that I didn't really think about what was stuffing it. I casually reached in and pulled out... 

 The most amazing

hot pink (my favourite colour)


shawl !!

But wait!! There's more....

Rebecca spun the yarn herself, from fluffy wool ...

and then it knitted on fine needles. 

What can you say about such a treasure??

 Except Wow!!!

and hope that these photos show a little bit how much I love this beautiful gift. 

The colour even matches the flowers in our front yard. 

To read Rebecca's story of making the shawl pop over to this post at her blog Needle & Spindle. Her photos make it look as though its flying. Don't be surprised if you get caught up reading other posts too, Rebecca always has such interesting and wonderful things to say about all things crafty, thrifty, sheep, other woolly beasts, gum trees and life in Australia.

Ps, The colour in these photos is more electric than the yarn's colour is in real life. I tried to tone it down but to no avail. In the end I figured if the shawl wants to glow in photos then let it. It's the glow show that must go on!