Here I am...

behind the curtains!!

I know I've been quiet on the blogfront. My sewing machine has been getting a workout... but not for very exciting sewing. Like most quilters I have a long list of quilts I want to make, and a list of UFO's lurking in the cupboards, and a list of projects underway in various stages. Hidden underneath all these quilty lists there is also an ever growing list of things that need doing around the house... sigh... and I've decided 2015 is the year to tackle this list. The year of the Happy Home! 

First job on the list was hanging curtains, We have blinds for all our windows so I've been able to put off making curtains, but finally decided the windows do need curtains. It's a a chance to play with fabric after all, Yay! I've collected a few curtains over the years through thrifty finds, so it's been a matter of matching up what I have with the sizes of our windows. We have a classic early 70's brick house so retro orange is right at home and psychedelic prints are perfect!!

I wrote about these curtains in one of my very earliest blog posts.

 Any curtains that I don't use will no doubt be sewn into a quilt one day. 

We haven't got a window to give this bird a home, but he will make a wonderful center for a medallion quilt.

I can see these ferns as big flashy borders. (See, this is why I don't get very far with house chores, I'm always thinking of quilts!)

 The curtains for my sewing room will be a bit more subdued. I figure the neutral colours won't clash with the bright colours that usually cover my design wall.

But I couldn't help wishing these curtains had been the right size to fit the sewing room windows, just look at that big daisy! 

It's hard to photograph the patterns on the sheer curtains I'm using in the office. 

This curtain fabric caught me by surprise. Usually I'm a flower or geometric type of gal, or love a textural woven fabric, but there was something cute and kitschy about this animal print that said "Take Me Home". 

They look great, I like the orderly pattern and the eclectic mix of animals. 

And every evening when I close the curtains I giggle at the two headed camel made by the edges meeting in the center.

So that's me playing with curtains. There's quite a few things that need sewing around the house so you'll be getting more than just quilts this year. 

I'll leave you with some photos of a visitor I had this morning. 

I was painting a cupboard on our deck and this cockatoo was so interested in what I was doing that he flew from tree to tree to get a closer look. Finally came right up to our deck. 

Where he kept me company while I continued to paint. 

He finally flew away when some of his friends started screeching in the distance.  All I could do was call out "Come back and visit me another day" and hope that he will.

In the meantime I have cupboards to paint and curtains to hang  :)