Octopus's Garden!!

I think taking photos of a finished quilt would have to be one of my favourite parts of the quilt making process. When you have as many unfinished projects as I do a completed quilt is always worth celebrating! It's especially fun when it means going to different locations. Knowing we had an upcoming visit to a beach gave me the motivation to get Octopus's Garden quilted and finished. I couldn't have picked a better location for this quilt, I'm sure there were mermaids watching us from the waves. 

It was the day I went to the Kaffe and Brandon class, so we were up early and only had a time window of 45 minutes to get our photos. No time for the weather to clear or the sun to come out. It worked out perfectly though, the moody greys and neutral sandy background really help to set off the colours in the quilt. 

Gbf was such a patient quilt holder. He climbed rocks, moved an inch this way or that, and luckily didn't get blown into the water. I was running around saying "Just another quick photo" and "How about over there?". 

Meanwhile Mr Seagull is thinking "What are those silly people doing?"

I know I should show close up photos of the hand quilting but there's enough photos in this post so I'll leave it for another day. I still have to sew the label on so I'll have to show that too. The quilting is very understated. I used perle8 threads that matched the colours of the parts I was quilting, leaving the fabrics and pattern to be the features of the quilt. 

Octopus's Garden Quilt Stats

Size: 51x 69 inches
Pattern : Emperor's Wheel by Chris Jurd, (I made a few small changes to suit the fabrics I was using)
Fabrics: Tula Pink, bits and pieces from 8 different ranges collected over 5 years!
Quilting: Me. Machine stitched around the blocks, and hand quilting with perle 8 cotton. 
Photo Location: Narrabeen, NSW, Australia
More Photos - June 2013