How cool are Wool Felt Balls?

They look like fuzzy bubble gum

or colourful 3D polka dots

They're a pleasure to sew, the needle just glides through the felty goodness.

And are easily attached with glue.

Their colourful bubbly appearance is just asking for cute photos

Happy bobbly flowers

A rainbow spiral

A forest...
...where a sweet smiling bear lives. 

Oh yes!! Wool Felt Balls are so cool!!

but I think they should have a more exciting name than Wool Felt Balls. 

What do think of Fobble Bobbles? 
Felt Bubbles, Wool Pebbles, Sewing Spheres, Woolly Balls, Febbles, FeltBees, WFB's ?

It's funny the things I think about when I'm sewing. :)