Happy Mail and other fun things.

I sometimes wonder if the mailman knows what treasures he brings us. 

I was recently the lucky winner of some Happy Go Lucky fabrics from the wonderful More Stars in Comanche blog. 
Vickie didn't stop with that pretty collection, she also included some fun Blue Daisies, and some very cool Cowboy and Texas fabrics
When I unwrapped the charm squares...

... I immediately thought of these pretty aprons...
...that are in this fabulous book, Cotton Candy Quilts. It's as yummy as it sounds!!
Author Mary Mashuta does a wonderful job of compiling all you need to know about all about using feed sacks, vintage and reproduction fabrics into this inspiring book.
She includes some classic quilt patterns of the time
With pictures of vintage quilts and also modern interpretations. There are so many tempting quilts to make!!

Okay, back to the story... Inspired by those pretty aprons I grabbed those charm squares and a mere afternoon later I'd made a red, white a blue Texas apron!! Here I am ready ready to do some baking!! If I wasn't on the other side of the world I'd bake a cake for Vickie as a thank you for such a lovely parcel of goodies. 
The card Vickie sent with the fabrics is going straight to my inspiration wall. What a wonderful scrappy, colourful Lone Star!!

But wait there's more!! The postie also brought a gift from Rebecca of Needle & Spindle blog. Rebecca is a super knitter, spinner, dressmaker and crafty sewist. She hasn't been lured away by patchwork & quilting yet, so when she saw Australian Houses in Patchwork whilst op-shopping she thought of me and my fetish for house quilts. 
Australia Houses in Patchwork really does capture the essence of Aussie homes and streetscapes. I'm finding myself looking at houses as I walk around thinking which block they resemble. Margaret Rolfe and Beryl Hodges also include a chapter on how to design your own house block. Wouldn't it be fun to make house portrait pillows for gifts. 
It was published in 1987 and the dated photos certainly add to the appeal. 
This is such a great book and a very thoughtful gift, thanks Rebecca!!

Seeing as I'm mentioning books I'll share one that I recently purchased. 

The Printed Square is a book with photos of more than 200 vintage handkerchief patterns. 
The book is simply laid out with 1 hankie per page and divided into chapters of colour. 
I love this book for it's colour inspiration, and seeing how design works within the confines of a square. Plus I do love vintage hankies... see this old post if you don't believe me :)

Okay, Just 1 more fun thing to share... This super fun bag from Mandy of Mand-a-lin blog. Mandy obviously knows my taste! I love it!! It's bright, kitschy and has a picture of cake. What more could you want! 

Gosh, with all this talk of cake I think it's time I made a cup of tea and had a little treat. 

Happy Mail and other fun things.


  1. OMG Rachael what a fabulous post!!! Those Charm Squares of the Comancheros...I just love Western stuff, cowboys and John Wayne!!!!! And that apron...FANTASTIC!!!!!!! The postie did indeed bring you treasures!

  2. Ooh lots of inspiration there, Rachael. The apron is very cute.
    I really like the lone star.

  3. Such fun things Rachael- the apron, the fruit cake bag, the vintage Margaret Rolfe book! But my favourite is the hankie book! What a visual delight!

  4. Oh that hanky book looks fantastic! Lovely prize, too :o)

  5. I LOVE all the things in this post! How great is that fruit cake bag!And the Australian House in Patchwork book (I think I want to hunt one of those down!!). Your apron is just delightful (I think it would look great as a skirt - two aprons joined together somehow at each side!). Great photo of you by the way!

  6. Such fun things! I love the fabrics, especially the texas cowgirl fabrics.
    The books look wonder and fun of inspiration.
    Your apron is adorable! and I swoon over the bag, so fun and so YOU

  7. If you aren't the cutest thing !!! I love the apron you made! Cotton Candy Quilts book is calling my name, everything you showed is gorgeous.
    The Australian Houses in Patchwork looks just like the houses I've seen in movies, very cool !

  8. Wow lots of cool inspiration you lucky girl! Love all those hankies too.

  9. Fabulous happy mail! I think my postie curses me on a regular basis, because I'm never actually home during the working day (for obvious reasons!) so he has to haul my parcels out and then back to the depot again before he can leave me a card to tell me to come and get it. I consider it my contribution to his weightlifting regime ;o)

  10. Oh I do love that apron - and modeled so beautifully with colour coordinated shoes! Fun fabrics aren't they? Thanks for the book inspirations too - the hanky book looks fascinating. I adore that cake bag too!

  11. I am impressed with how easily that apron came together. It looks great in those fabrics - and great modelling job, too.
    Love all the great inspiration you have received in the mail.

  12. What a fun post! So full of goodies--from your package of goodies to your delightful apron and modeling job. Love it all!

  13. Lots of goodies going into your house. I love the hankie book.

  14. Great haul! I know *somebody* in the system here knows the value of these packages, because I've had more than a few that never made it to me. But they overhauled Canada Post a few months ago, and it's been better since then, thank goodness!

    I love how your shoes match the apron. What a great retro vibe! :D

  15. Wow you have been lucky.
    I am in love with the apron.

  16. I love love love this post !!! What wonderful treats in the mailbox.I especially love the handkerchiefs...and that apron is so cute...
    L xo

  17. You've added 2 books to my Amazon cart! I have several Mary Mashuta books, but not this one. It looks like lots of fun!
    LOVE the Texas Ranch apron!!!

  18. Love your apron! What a fantastic way to use up the extra gift of fabric. I can almost smell the yummy cake from here :)

  19. You are making me hungry! I love your apron...and you are so darn cute! The book looks fun...I will need to find a copy the next time I am in the book store or fabric shop. You are loved the around the world, Rachael!

  20. You are super welcome to the Patchwork Houses, Rachael. Who else could it possibly belong too! And it just added the right amount of eighties nostalgia to your cornucopia of fun post. Books and fabric...ahhhh! Fab apron too.

  21. Wow, you were on the receiving end of some great treats! That hankie book is something I'd love to flip through too. I have a similar vintage apron book with stories that I love to read some nights just for fun.

  22. More domestic sewing how fun! Cooking will be even more fun for whoever's in the kitchen.

  23. Hi, Rachael. Fun post--enjoyed seeing you in your new apron...and what great fabrics!
    best, nadia

  24. Wow, you have gotten some super mail lately! Lucky you! (I haven't done too badly in that dept. either)

    Love your darling apron! I love that book by Mary Mashuta. I actually made a quilt with real 30's fabric and the pattern was from that book. You can see it here: http://www.indigothreads.blogspot.com/2009/12/another-one-finished.html

    Love the hankies book - I love old hankies! And the "cake" bag is just a hoot! So fun!

  25. love your apron - nice little fabric haul too ! Mary's book is the best - its the book that started me on my quilting journey !

  26. Such a fun post. Too bad you are so far away, I should just walk over there and see it all!! The hankies:) The new apron..just so much fun.


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