I've just had a whirlwind weekend away with my sewing buddies. A trip to Brisbane to see an exhibition of Quilts from the V&A Museum in London. 
We caught Trains

and Automobiles!!
Of course we needed to celebrate our arrival in Brisbane with some bubbles.

I think all quilters know that as you look around you see quilts everywhere.
This building was around the corner of where we were staying. Giant glowing hexagons that slowly changed colours!

Big chunky modern stripes.

On Saturday morning, we fueled up with coffees and headed off to the exhibition...
Noticing some fun things along the way.

Don't you just love that feeling of excitement of being about to see an exhibition you've so looked forward to... 

The show exceeded my expectations. We don't get to see many antique quilts in Australia so seeing work dating back to the 1700's was really special. It was a beautifully curated exhibition with a wonderful selection of styles. Every quilt was amazing with tricky piecing, creative applique, beautiful fabrics, hand stitches and hand quilting. So many gorgeous fabrics!
A highlight was bumping into Linda Collins of Quilts in the Barn and walking around sharing our favourite quilts and pointing out details and fabrics to each other

Unfortunately we couldn't take photos of the quilts, but I can show you what we had for lunch
 A 'Patchwork Platter'. and Yes, it did taste as good as it looked. 

We walked the long way back to our hotel and spotted more street scape quilts along the way. 

Not just up, but down as well.

and some small details peeking out.

Sunday morning. A happy snap of my roomies, Sue, Mandy and Lorraine, before checking out.

And back to wandering around enjoying the sights of Brisbane. 

Mandy and I went to the Museum to see an exhibition called Collectomania. At the end we got to make our own collection using magnetic images. I picked my favourite images and presented them in vertical rows of colour. 

Quilty inspiration everywhere!!
This was on the ceiling in the  lobby of a building we passed. The pattern was constantly changing. An entrancing entrance!!
It reminded me of the formations I made with the fans I showed a few posts ago.
Beautiful colours on this painted board.

Sunday afternoon, relaxing on the couch before heading to the airport. 
We had a fun time and there's already plans being made for another trip. Watch out, here we come!