The Saturday Quilters go to Brisbane.

I've just had a whirlwind weekend away with my sewing buddies. A trip to Brisbane to see an exhibition of Quilts from the V&A Museum in London. 
We caught Trains

and Automobiles!!
Of course we needed to celebrate our arrival in Brisbane with some bubbles.

I think all quilters know that as you look around you see quilts everywhere.
This building was around the corner of where we were staying. Giant glowing hexagons that slowly changed colours!

Big chunky modern stripes.

On Saturday morning, we fueled up with coffees and headed off to the exhibition...
Noticing some fun things along the way.

Don't you just love that feeling of excitement of being about to see an exhibition you've so looked forward to... 

The show exceeded my expectations. We don't get to see many antique quilts in Australia so seeing work dating back to the 1700's was really special. It was a beautifully curated exhibition with a wonderful selection of styles. Every quilt was amazing with tricky piecing, creative applique, beautiful fabrics, hand stitches and hand quilting. So many gorgeous fabrics!
A highlight was bumping into Linda Collins of Quilts in the Barn and walking around sharing our favourite quilts and pointing out details and fabrics to each other

Unfortunately we couldn't take photos of the quilts, but I can show you what we had for lunch
 A 'Patchwork Platter'. and Yes, it did taste as good as it looked. 

We walked the long way back to our hotel and spotted more street scape quilts along the way. 

Not just up, but down as well.

and some small details peeking out.

Sunday morning. A happy snap of my roomies, Sue, Mandy and Lorraine, before checking out.

And back to wandering around enjoying the sights of Brisbane. 

Mandy and I went to the Museum to see an exhibition called Collectomania. At the end we got to make our own collection using magnetic images. I picked my favourite images and presented them in vertical rows of colour. 

Quilty inspiration everywhere!!
This was on the ceiling in the  lobby of a building we passed. The pattern was constantly changing. An entrancing entrance!!
It reminded me of the formations I made with the fans I showed a few posts ago.
Beautiful colours on this painted board.

Sunday afternoon, relaxing on the couch before heading to the airport. 
We had a fun time and there's already plans being made for another trip. Watch out, here we come! 

The Saturday Quilters go to Brisbane.


  1. So glad you had a great trip to the V&A Exhibition. I was mesmerised by the entire experience.
    Very clever photos from your surroundings Quilts everywhere.

  2. Great post, I would love to see that exhibition but can't get there. Love the patchwork platter and all the real life 'quilts' you found!

  3. Great Post Rachael we had great fun weekend and the Quilt Exhibition was wonderful. Just to waft back into time and look at the hand stitching and embroidery in some of the quilts was amazing.To also think that some of the work would have been carried out in a lot less lit conditions than we have now. Makes my eyes water thinking of it. Although my Mother who is 87 says she used to do her hand stitching by candlelight when a young girl studying her trade she was an excellent seamstress. I loved the weekend.

  4. What great fun! And a trip full of inspiration everywhere you turned. I know this is going to inspire new projects from you and I can't wait to see them!

  5. Finally got home at 10.30pm! I bet you were fast asleep by then
    Great weekend was had by all and I'd go back to Brisvegas in a flash.

  6. That sounds like such fun! How inspirational to see all the photos of patterns and visuals that could be reinterpreted for quilting motifs and designs. And I love the "entrancing entrance!"

  7. Oh, RD, such a wonderful weekend for you & your krew!
    I think I've seen the book of this exhibit, but how wonderful that you & yours saw it & quilts & possible quilts everywhere!
    p.s. glad you are all safely home

  8. Looks like you all had a fantastic time! Woohoo! And Brisbane looks artsy and modern! What a beautiful city! Thanks for sharing it!

  9. Hi Rachael. What a great weekend we had in Brisvegas, even though we did not get to the casino. A great time was had by all. Great company, good food and a wonderful quilt exhibition. Neil says I can't go to Tokyo but I have 18 months to work on him.

  10. Fab post about a fab weekend! Roll on 2015 :D

  11. Wow - sounds wonderful but exhausting?! Love all your quilty photos. Great to go with a bunch of friends.

  12. You were in Brisbane! Just a stones throw from me. It looks like you had a wonderful time.

  13. so glad you had such a good time.

  14. So pleased you had a fantastic trip to BrisVegas. It really is a great city. I hope we get to catch up next time you are here.

  15. I love your photos! I think I'm going to look at my surroundings differently now (well, at least for the next few days!)!

  16. Brisbane must be a very modern city with all the neat looking statues, spheres ans architecture. How fun to go with quilty buddies, looks like a fun bunch !

  17. What a wonderful weekend with such inspiration and fun!

  18. You all are some dedicated quilters! Looks like fun!

  19. BrisVegas, eh? I'm sure there's a story there. :)

    Lots of wonderful photos! I caught myself thinking, "how would I make that," which you know is very bad for me. I have enough projects now! Thanks for the show.

  20. Wow! What fun to go all this way with your friends! I'm sure the show was exceptional. But I'm well-inspired by your shots in the city. Thanks for sharing!

  21. What a great have seen more places in Brisbegas than I have and I only live 85 km's away......I will have to make more time to explore....... Glad you all had such a fab time......

  22. Your flying visit looks like a ton of fun ! I really enjoyed seeing Brisbane from a quilters perspective. I had no idea they had so much street art there !

    So glad you all had a good time.

  23. What a great time you all had Rachael...and I love that movie too!

  24. One can only hope that the next trip you are planning is to Melbourne, to come visit us at Quilts in The Barn!! LOL
    Wonderful spending time, though brief, with you!! And love all those quilts in waiting!!

  25. Fabulous weekend. Always enjoy seeing the quilts and getting some excellent ideas (not to mention head spinning inspiration)!

  26. Wow, Rachael! What a fun trip! THe surroundings were perfect for lots of inspiration. I love the last picture...everyone looks like they have had a full day and ready for a rest. Just the way it should be :)

  27. A quiltastic weekend there! Love all the different inspiration :o)

  28. Who knew Brisbane was so fabulous - it looks brilliant plus great exhibitions. No wonder you got on a plane. Sounds alot more fun than our Queenscliff adventure!

  29. This sounds like so much fun !
    Great weekend !

  30. Wow!! Brisbane is so full of quilty much fun..thank you for sharing. I loved it.

  31. OMG what an incredible trip filled with inspiration!
    I feel like I had a mini get away sitting here on my couch.
    I love all the beautiful patterns your photographed. It looks like a lovely city, modern and very cool.
    Your girls know how to travel! bubbly and fabulous meals.
    Thanks for sharing your trip with us. I'm so glad you enjoyed the exhibit and that you saw the V&A quilt :)

  32. Rachael,
    You are so lucky to be able to go see not only those quilts but also to so many beautiful sites. Loved the tour of the city. I wonder how many quilts will evolve from these memories!
    Missed you my friend!


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