It's my turn on the blog hop of the hottest book in town- 15 Minutes of Play by Victoria Findlay Wolfe.

Here's 15 reasons why I think this is a "must have" book:
1) Victoria Findlay Wolfe totally rocks!!! An awesome quilt maker, She's really strong in the blogging and quilting community with her websites, BumbleBeans Inc and 15 Minutes Play. Victoria is tireless with Bumble Beans BASICS organising quilts for homeless people. It's great she's now sharing her quilt making tips and techniques in a book. 

2) Eye Candy - Oh my golly!! Talk about lots of  fabulous quilts!!! The pages are choc a block full of seriously fabulous quilts using Made-Fabric and Improvisational styles. 

3) Very Inspiring!! just flipping through the pages makes me want to run off to my sewing room to start Playing!! If you read this book at bedtime I guarantee you'll dream of quilts!!

4)  Different techniques for creating Made-Fabric- not just one, but several ways, all clearly explained with pretty pictures too.

5) A tribute to her grandmother.There's a lovely chapter in which Victoria honours her Grandmother and her amazing crazy quilts. Fabulous use of colour and fabric definitely runs in the family! 
6) It's Playful. Don't you think it's fun to be told to Play... with Fabric... Yes please!! 

7) Freedom! Rather than patterns Victoria gives challenges as a starting point. It's not all about having the right amount of yardage, or particular colours. It's about freedom for you and the fabrics you have  to just go for it and see where you go.

8) Scrap Buster- Oh yes- you'll be using up lots of scraps to make beautiful quilts! 

9) Blocks to get you inspired-There's a brilliant chapter on different blocks to get you started. Lots of pretty diagrams again! 

10) Instructions for the Dreaded Y Seam - in fact Victoria puts "Simple" in place of  "Dreaded". 

11) Always something new to see. This is one of those books that every time you pick it up you see something different, a different quilt will catch you eye, or a different challenge to try. 

12) Even if you aren't sure whether you want to try Improv piecing, though I think you would be tempted, there's still valuable tips about colours, movement in quilts etc. Her layouts for quilts and use of fabrics are always inspiring. 

13) Everyone can manage 15 minutes here and there. Just 15 minutes of Play will make you smile all day! 

14) Great ideas for group challenges, swap scraps or pick a challenge to see what you all come up with. 

15) Last but not least, I have a quilt in the book!!! How exciting!!! Most of the quilts are by Victoria but there are lots by other fabulous quilters like LeeAnn of Nifty Quilts, Tonya Ricucci of LazyGal just to name a few. I'm honoured to be included. 

Here's my quilt... Grandiflora, it's on page 32.

Now for the giveaway- I've got 2 books to give away.

The publishers C&T have a hard copy of the book for a US winner.
 and Blue Mountain Daisy, that's me,  is offering a hard copy to an International winner, that means everywhere else whether you're in Humptydoo, Timbuktu or Vanuatu.
I have to say some books might be okay as electronic books but I believe 15 Minutes of Play is a zillion times better in real life. 

So leave me a comment letting me know which of the above reasons attracts you to the book the most. And let me know whether you are US resident or not. One comment per person, please. 

I'll be using a Random Generator to pick the winners on the 12/12/12 - what an auspicious date!!

For more chances to win 15 Minutes of Play hop around to other spots on the blog tour. All the giveaways are open till the 12/12/12 .

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