Tuesday, October 11, 2016

A drop of golden sun

Each year Quilt NSW has a Suitcase Challenge were members create quilts 40cm x 40 cm to a set theme. 

This year's theme was - Repurposed, Recycled, Reloved

When I saw the prefix RE of the challenge words I immediately thought of the song Do Re Mi from the musical The Sound Of Music. It's one of those fun songs I remember singing at school and I did love the movie. 

For those who aren't familiar with the song here are some of the lyrics: 

Doe, a deer, a female deer
Ray, a drop of golden sun
Me, a name, I call myself
Far, a long, long way to run
Sew, a needle pulling thread
La, a note to follow So
Tea, a drink with jam and bread
That will lead us back to Do, oh, oh, oh

As you can see Re or Ray is described as "a drop of golden sun".
So I set about making a golden sun using various materials, an old shirt, hessian coffee bag, woolen blanket, 60's brocade, a bit of silk sari all on a base of old blue denim jeans. 
My home is solar powered so as I sewed with these recycled fabrics I thought of how the suns rays are repurposed into the energy that powers my sewing machine, lights and the radio that keeps me company as I sew.

To continue the Repurposed Recycled and Reloved theme I made the backing from an old shirt. The hanging sleeve was inspired by a post LeeAnn of Nifty Quilts posted a few years ago.

Simply cut off a sleeve and sew it on, button, label and all. 

I know raw edges make some people nervous but I love that I can use a collage style with these smaller quilts. I wanted a rugged, worn look with this quilt and the words to look as though they are cut out of paper.  If I need to wash this little quilt for any reason it's just a matter of gently hand washing in a sink. Fraying just adds to the effect and texture. I know because I tested it on a quilt I made last year by putting it in the washing machine. It turned out just fine.

To see the other entries in this fun challenge visit QuiltNSW's website here. Make sure you click on each thumbnail to see the quilt properly and read the inspiration story that goes with each one. It's wonderful to see the variety and clever interpretations of the theme. 

And if you'd like to see some of my challenge quilts from past years hop over to this post to see what I made for "Mini Modern" and "Colour Collision". 

Next years theme is Remember. Hmmm I wonder what I'll make for that one.

Thursday, September 29, 2016

Three posts in one

Gosh, Has it really been so long since I did a blog post?!? The days just fly by don't they. Oh well I'm here now with some fun news and lots of photos. In fact it's a bit like three posts in one.

You all know by now how much I love Simply Moderne magazine,

and it's big sister Quiltmania.

Well, I'm rather embarrassed to say I had forgotten to update my subscriptions. It was on my list of things to do but the days flew by and before I knew it I noticed the new editions were out and about. I quickly jumped online and in no time my subscriptions were renewed. Phew! It meant I waited a little longer to get them but they've now arrived. Yay!

The funny part is that it just so happened that these two copies of the magazines both had pictures of me and my quilts in them as part of a wonderful overview of the Sydney Quilt Show.

The two magazines show different quilts from the show. Simply Moderne showing more modern quilts, and Quiltmania leans towards traditional but one that is in both magazines is  the 2016 Springwood Community Quilt Show raffle quilt that won first place in the group category at the show. 

In case you're wondering which block I made - it's the one in the one in the bottom left hand corner.

So the moral of the story is don't forget to keep your favourite magazine subscriptions up to date because you never know what wonderful things you won't want to miss out on.

The biggest Thank You to Quiltmania and Simply Moderne not only for the photos and very, very, very special things you wrote about me and my quilts but also for the wonderful overview of the Sydney Quilt Show. You've captured what a wonderful show it is with it's wide variety of amazing, colourful quilts. Thank you for sharing our Aussie quilts with the world.


Talking of sharing quilts, last Sunday Mr Daisy and I zoomed down out of the mountains to spend the day at the Illawarra Quilters quilt show. 

The Illawarra Quilters hold their show every two years and from the amount of beautiful and amazing quilts in the show these quilters stay busy with their needles and fabric.  

I really seem to be out of practise at taking photos when I'm out and about these days. I could kick myself, the group had made two raffle quilts but I only got a photo of one of the quilts. A beautiful big hexagon quilt. Did I say big? Make that huge!! It was a beautiful wave of colours and fabrics. I thought it was such a great idea for a group quilt. Any of the quilters I mentioned it to said they had such a fun time making it. I know whoever is lucky enough to win it will love it too. 

My Whizz Bang! quilt was on display to promote the workshop I'll be teaching next year in September. I'm making a new exciting version of this quilt especially for teaching. It's a 2 day workshop and I know it will be lots of fun!

But that's not all, when Roslyn and Joanne came to pick up Whizz Bang! they found some other quilts for classes. 

Ric Rac Razzamatazz with it's ric rac edged melon shapes and colourful yoyos will be a 1 day workshop held in May next year. That's Joanne in pink, I didn't get the name of the lovely lady in yellow but I loved the way they matched the colours in Ric Rac Razzamatazz. 

Gypsy Carnival is a fun way to play with prairie points! It's a great quilt for showing off a favourite big scale fabric. I think this would be fun made in Christmas colours or with big fussy cut flowers in the circle centers. This one day workshop is held in June. 

I'm not sure if there are any spaces left but if you are interested in any of these classes email illawarraquilters@gmail.com. I'm sure we could always fit in another person or two. I'd love to see you there. 

Here I am with Roslyn. She is such a burst of sunshine, one of those people you can't help but be happy around.

To see lots of photos of quilts from the show hop over to the Illawarra Quilters facebook page here.


On the home front here are a few random photos I've taken over the past few weeks.

It really seemed as those this regal Kookaburra posed for this portrait.

A peek of a quilt that is now finished, I just need to take photos.

A beautiful Sydney Rock Orchid flowering in my garden. 

Mr and Mrs Happy say "Have a happy day!!"
And I say "Have a fun week everyone."

Thursday, September 8, 2016

Glossy pages and a very old bridge.

There's been some more sightings of my quilts! They sure do get around doing their bit to add colour to the world.

I was as pleased as punch to see my quilt on the latest QuiltNSW newsletter. It's not something I ever thought to see but there it is in black, white and lots of colour. I'm thinking I should frame it. 

This is the current copy of Australian Patchwork and Quilting magazine with a beautiful sunny cover to celebrate the arrival of spring here in Australia.

If you flip through the pages you'll find a 2 page article about me that starts on page 82. 

But that's not all - there is also an excellent exhibition review of the Springwood Community Quilt Show with a great overview of the show and lots of quilt photos. 

Sending out a super big Thank You to Australian Patchwork and Quilting magazine for their awesome articles and wonderful support of both myself and the Springwood Community Quilt Show.

You can find them instagram @apqmagaus 

The first half of the year was so busy between working and finishing Whizz Bang! in time for the show that it didn't leave much time for other things. I've been making up for it over the past few weekends by doing a bit less sewing and a bit more getting out and about with Mr Daisy. I figure if I record them here on my blog when I next get into a sewing frenzy and not want to leave my sewing room I'll have proof that there were times that we did indeed go out into the outside world. 

Last weekend's adventures included visiting an old bridge that is just a 20 minute drive from our house. We've driven over it but never stopped to have a closer look.

Upon reading the plaque I learnt that The Lennox Bridge is the oldest surviving stone bridge in mainland Australia. 

It's hard to capture in photos how big and grand the bridge is. To give you a sense of scale you can see Mr Daisy looking like a little pixie in the archway.

It echoes as you walk through and although it's not the Sistine Chapel I stopped to admire the beautiful colours in the sandstone brick ceiling.

The other impressive thing about it is how this big structure sits in it's bushy environment. All around it is a cool green forest of trees and tangled vines, 

We had fun hopping from rock to rock. We'd stop here and there to admire boulders and branches as though we were in an art gallery. I've always said Mother Nature is my favourite artist.

I wish you could hear the sound of the water running as you look at these posts. It was so calm and soothing for the soul. 

The whole time I was there I couldn't help thinking it's the perfect place for quilt photos!!

 Now that's good incentive to get some quilts finished.

Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Hunters Hill Quilt Show 2016

I'm not sure if I'm a super slow blogger these days or if time is moving by at an extra fast pace. Either way I can hardly believe that it's been about 3 weeks since the Hunters Hill Quilter's show. 
Well, better late than never, here are some photos.

The Hunters Hill Quilter's show is one of my favourite shows for it's mix of colourful quilts. Whether the quilts are traditional, modern, contemporary or in a class of their own this group has a great way with colour and fun and sometimes unexpected fabrics. It's also the one quilt show Mr Daisy always says "Yes!" to seeing with me.

It was a perfect sunny winters day. The sunshine made their banner glow, a perfect welcome. 

We followed the bunting of quilt blocks...

...to the grand entrance of the Hunters Hill Town Hall.

Inside was a hall full of beautiful and wonderful quilts. I didn't take photos due to not knowing the rules about which quilts I can show or not. 

But never fear - I did get permission to show some quilts ...

One of the things that sets the Hunters Hill Quilt Show apart is their room of Waggas.

For those who don't know Wagga's are an Australian utilitarian quilt traditionally made from old blankets, tailors samples, hessian and flour sacks, really anything tough and sturdy. Generally not big, but big enough for one person and small enough to easily carry. Made more for function than looks waggas we're often used by Aussie swag men, shearers drivers.

I think the Hunter's Hill quilters selection of waggas definitely have looks as well as functionality.

Not only are the Hunters Hill quilters keeping the important Australian tradition of waggas alive but the sales of these quilts is used to raise money for their designated charity. 

I was chatting to some of the lovely ladies as I took photos and they said that the ones I kept being drawn to were by Jessica Wheelerhan. That makes sense, I love her quilts. You can find her on instagram @birdie_beetle.
This one is a knock out!! Jessica dyed the feature fabric herself.

I love the texture the stitching gives this quilt.

In fact the texture is a big draw card for me with these quilts. It's wonderful to see corduroys, wool, suiting fabrics all mixed together.

I loved the colours and shapes in this quilt. It matched the chairs it was resting on.

Cute little foxy face!

From deep earthy tones to bright and exuberant hues!
Material Obsession always has a stall at the show. It was like a quilt show in itself. A wonderland of beautiful quilts and fabrics.

It was a great chance to see Kathy Doughty's latest fabrics, Folk Art Revolution in person and see her wonderful quilts showcasing them. The thing about Kathy's fabrics is that she has designed them with a quilter's mind. They have clever patterns and repeats offer a variety of cutting options.

Here's Kathy. I wonder if she dressed to match her quilt. Even her necklace matches the blue of the wedding ring circle. Love it!

When we stepped outside and the perfect weather lured us into going for a walk. Hunters Hill is a beautiful part of Sydney. Lots of big grand homes that lead down to Sydney Harbour. 

We love where we live in the Blue Mountains but we don't get water views like this so we like to soak them in when we can.

Such a perfect day, and so peaceful. There was no one else on this pier but us. 

Soon we wandered off on our merry way...

A slow amble because I like to stop and take photos. I can't help seeing interesting patterns in our surroundings.

We even found a fence that looked like a wagga.

So that was our day in Hunters Hill enjoying quilts and clear blue skies. If you want to see more quilts from past years you can pop back in time to a post here. 


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