Sunday, September 21, 2014

Where have I been?

Crikey! It's nearly been 2 weeks since I last did a post!! 

Where does the time go?? 

 My excuse is that I've been working extra shifts at my day job while a couple of my colleagues have been away. It's kept me busy, but included lots of laughing times with flowers and foliage flying everywhere. 

But now things will be settling down and returning to normal. 

I must say, I'm looking forward to catching my breath...

and spending more time in my neglected sewing room.

I did add to my big box of scrappy yo-yos when I had a spare moments here and there...

and got a few rows of big stitch quilting done. Nice and easy when I'm just following the dots. 

I'll have more time for blogging too!! My show and tell is piling up. 
In my next post I'll not only share one finished quilt but three!! 

I promise I won't wait 2 weeks this time :)
Until then, I hope your days are as colourful as a rainbow balloon flower!

Monday, September 8, 2014

Double Denim Wedding Ring Quilt is going on tour

Woo Hoo - Exciting News!! I'm very pleased to say that my Double Denim Wedding Ring quilt has been chosen to be part of a Double Wedding Ring Quilt exhibition. The group of quilts, curated by Victoria Findlay Wolfe will be on display at Original Sewing and Quilting Expos all around the US. I can only wish that the exhibition would come to Australia too, I'll keep my fingers crossed, you never know what can happen...
In the meantime I'm doing happy dances at the thought of my quilt travelling around and being part of a wonderful group of quilts. Yippee!!  

The tour kicks off this weekend in Atlanta!! No doubt all the quilters there are already planning to go. Who can resist seeing those wonderful quilts, sewing workshops and maybe doing a bit of shopping too. 

Here's a list of all the dates for Original Sewing and Quilting Expos around the US so you can see when the Expo will be nearby and you can pop the dates in your diary. 

Atlanta GA - Sept 11th-13th 

Frederickburg, VA - October 2nd - 4th

Overland Park, KS - October 9th - 11th

Fort Worth, TX - October 16th -18th

Minneapolis, MN (edited collection)- November 13th - 15th

Tinley Park, IL -  November 20th - 22nd

Lakeland, FL - March 5th - 7th , 2015

Atlanta, GA - March 12th - 14th

Cleveland, OH - March 26th - 28th

Schaumburg, IL - April 9th - 11th

Worcester, MA - April 16th - 18th

Indianapolis, IN - May 28th - 30th

Greensborough, NC - June 18th - 20th

Pittsburgh, PA - July 30th - August 1st

Tinley Park IL - August 27th - 29th

Fredericksburg, VA - October 1st - 3rd

Quilting LIVE! Atlanta, GA - October 8th - 10th

Fort Worth, TX - October 15th - 17th

Minneapolis, MN - November 12th - 14th

Overland Park, KS - November 19th - 21st

The Exhibit will also be going to the Road to California Show in January 22-25th 2014. 

Phew!! That's quite a list of dates!! And what a great tour of the US!! If only I could travel with along with the quilt too. I was thinking that if any of you go to the show and see my quilt I would love it if you took a photo of yourself with my quilt and emailed it to me. You could wave at me if you like. It would be fun to know my quilt is having lots of friendly visitors. 

Here are some relevent links if you are interested... 

Monday, September 1, 2014

Hello Spring!!

Dear Spring, 
It's that time of year when the leaves begin to pop out from branched buds to wave a welcome as you approach. Shy bulb flowers start to show their faces. 
I love the way you arrive in a cloud of blossom, bearing armfuls of colourful flowers and a warm sunny smile. 
Your friends, the birds and butterflies, are always close on your heels and soon it's one big happy party complete with lively bird song and heavenly scented breezes.
 Even the sun stays up later and later to join in the fun. 
Dear Spring, I'm so happy that you've come to visit us again. 

Happy flowers to everyone!

Thursday, August 28, 2014

Winter Sun

Hello! It's me! I'm back in blogland! 
Refreshed and rejuvinated and lots of fun things to show you over the coming weeks.

First up to celebrate my return after being away for ages and ages I thought I'd share a quilt that seems to have taken me ages and ages to finish. 

It all started with one of those days where I just felt like doing some easy sewing with my sewing machine. I dug around in my scraps and pulled out some leftovers from my Dollop Of Cream quilt.  I simply sewed the pieces into strips then sewed those strips into a rough square. 

I then cross cut the square to make more strips, 

... mixed up the rows and sewed them back together. 
I couldn't resist adding a few little triangles into the mix

It was hard to capture the right colours of this creamy mix of fabrics so I took it outside to take photos in natural light. The blue sky decided it wanted to be part of the quilt, or maybe the little flimsy thought for a moment that it was really a cloud. 

In my typical way I became distracted by other projects so the little fabric cloud was put aside for a while. 

Finally the day came when I decided it was time it was quilted.  My first thought was to keep it simple, so I machine quilted by stitching in the ditch. It actually looked too simple so I pulled out the stitches, took a deep breath and then started again with my favourite organic chunky perle thread quilting. 

But somehow I just didn't love it. I kind've liked it but felt it needed something else. I tried a few different things but in the end the little pale quilt was put aside again. I've learnt by now that sometimes you need to walk away for a while until you can return with a fresh perspective. 

A few weeks later I was tidying my sewing room and I came across the little quilt. It was lying nearby a skinny off-cut of linen. Eureka! It was just what the little quilt needed.
It didn't take long to sew a circle...

and then a few more circles

and the first circle became a sun.

And indeed the sun showed it's shiny glow of approval when I was taking photos.

It's only a little quilt at 24 inches square but it's had a long journey and it was all worth every stitch

Oh, I nearly forgot so tell you what I've called it ...

... Winter Sun, Don't you think that's the perfect name? 

Saturday, August 2, 2014

A little break...

Do you ever feel as though you're juggling a lot of things at once?

 Or that you have a lot on your plate?

I've been feeling a bit like that lately.

So I've decided to have a bit of time out 
to catch up on things, take time to smell the roses and rejuvenate.

It wont be a long break,  just a couple of weeks. 

And then I'll be back as fresh as a blue mountain daisy. 

Until then, have fun and craft lots!

Thursday, July 24, 2014

Flower Fun with Hexies!

I've had my very, very long term hexagon project out recently. There's just something lovely about hand sewing in winter when one can get cosy in a heated room with fluffy slippers and happily stitch away. On the other hand they're also perfect for putting in my bag and taking to work at the flower shop. Sometimes in the afternoon there's a quiet period where I can work on them for a little while. 
Occasionally I'll notice a flower that matches my little fabric shapes and I can't resist a photo or two. 
Here are some happy snaps I've taken over the past few weeks.

Hello Sunshine!

Zebra hiding in a silver forest

An orchid moment


A flock of birds in paradise

Blue skies and a cottage garden

Golden times

It's easy being green!

Think Pink and Purple too.

Wouldn't you think that with all these photos I'd have some photos of the blocks I've been sewing.  Alas no, and now it's too dark for photos but I'll leave you with a older photo of my blocks on my design wall.  

Just imagine, if I keep working on these blocks they might just become a quilt one day.  


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