Yippee Yay!! It's Friday!!! In fact that rhymes with this weeks Friendly Friday super star - Shay!! Her blog Quilting in My Pyjamas is always such a laugh with real Aussie flair. Shay really knows how to tell a story whether it be about her quilting, family life, baking a cake..in fact there's often cakes. Sometimes her language is as colourful as her quilts but only ever in a fun way... Talking of words I really should let Shay do the talking, Over to you Shay...

Hey Shay, Tell us a bit about yourself? 
I live in Adelaide, Australia which is the state capital all the Eastern States poke fun at. Im happy to live in a place where it doesn’t take me three hours to get to work. 10 minutes people – it takes me 10 minutes and that’s if I get all the red lights on the way. Who’s laughing now? I’m married (this is my second go at it and I think I have it nailed this time since this marriage has lasted three times as long as the first one did  ) and three years ago I became a Bella (which is pyjama speak for Nanna ). Being a grandparent has been one of the best things that ever happened to me.

How long have you been quilting?
I started dabbling in quilting about 8 years ago. I made a few rag quilts and worked up the courage to plan an actual quilted quilt around 4 or 5 years ago . It sat without binding (actually being used mind you) for 18 months before I managed to finish it. Then I moved on to String quilts and made a couple of those. I would say I’ve been quilting seriously for about three or four years.  I’m just now finding my confidence and mojo.

What enticed you to start quilting?
I guess I was looking for a creative outlet of some kind, because my Monday to Friday life is high stress and  unpredictable . I like the idea that if I cut things and join A to B I can predict how it’s all going to turn out (in theory )   I had a sewing machine and could sew a straight line and since I cant draw, paint, make clothes, crochet  or sing – quilting was the obvious choice.

What do you love about quilting?
Getting excited about a new concept or idea. Sometimes stuff just  pops into my brain out of nowhere.  Then I love working out how to make it jump from my head into fabric (I don’t use patterns ), and then the starting part thrills my heart! Im going to confess I love doing binding because it means I can legitimately sit on my arse while Im doing it. It feels like doing nothing and I never do nothing! I love adding to and looking at my stash and keep trying to convince my husband that I don’t really have a lot. Most of it is hidden in secret places so he doesn’t have a heart attack.

Is there any part of the process that you don't like?
Im ashamed to admit this but I’m not all that taken with the quilting part of the process! Which is kind of the whole point to quilting really. I really must teach myself to free motion quilt one of these days!

Do you have a favourite sewing saying or motto?

It’s only fabric ...I have to remind myself of this often when Im stressing out about stuffing up! At my place stuff ups happen far my often than at other peoples houses.

What model sewing machine do you use?
I have a Janome QC 4618. When I bought it 8 years ago I had no idea that quilting would become an obsessive hobby. My next machine is going to be ultra special. I just have to wait for this one to die first!

Do you listen to music while you sew? What is your favourite type or cd?
I have an Ipod and docking station in the sewing room with some very questionable music choices loaded on to it. Im not going to confess all my musical sins in public. 

What is your favourite food?
Salt and Vinegar chips..oh and cheese. I love cheese. Rare steak. Usually all in the same meal.

Do you have any furry friends that keep you company while you sew? 
Our house is a zoo. We have two cats Mordecai and Moo and two German Shorthaired Pointers  Indiana Bones and Lola Daisy. I cant imagine my life without my fur babies.

Tell us about the house block you've made?
Im into cute and I was hoping Rachael was too , so my house block was born. I didn’t give it too much thought and just kind of delved into my scrap stash and this is what popped out ! 

Well Shay, I love what just popped out of your scrap stash!!! You've captured a sunny summers day in this block even down to the strawberries on the door. This block makes me want to wear a pretty summer dress, eat ice cream in the garden and admire the big blooming flowers. A very happy house indeed!!

Talking of fun in the sun, Shay is off on holidays.. lucky duck! I can just see it now, she'll be wearing a grass skirt, playing a ukulele underneath a swaying palm tree in Hawaii..
Pop over to Quilting in My Pyjamas if you want a giggle or two and wish her Bon Voyage. 

And a wonderful weekend to everyone!!