Friendly Friday - Barb of Fun With Barb

Today's featured quilter is Barb from Fun with Barb.  And Yes! She really is fun!! Besides being an amazing quilter, she loves a glass or two of bubbly, raises butterflies in the Spring, collects all sorts of wonderful things, really knows how to decorate her home for holidays and cooks mouth watering dishes, in fact you never quite know what fun things will be on her blog, it's always a treat!!. Okay, let's get better acquainted with Barb with a friendly chat...

Hi Barb, Tell us a bit about yourself:
I was born and raised in Illinois and love the midwest openess and big sky and miss it now that I live in New Jersey.
I'm turning 50 years old this year and celebrating in a number of ways, one of which is to make a special quilt for myself.
I am an avid reader and like to cook, garden and travel, especially cruising.

How long have you been quilting?
I stared quilting 22 years ago by making a crib quilt in a sailboat pattern for my baby son, Andrew's first birthday

What enticed you to start quilting?
My mother was a beautiful seamstress and I received my first little sewing machine at the age of about 6.
I have always loved crafting and making things.  Quilts were something that had always intrigued me and when I retired from advertising work to raise a family I decided to pursue it.

What do you love about quilting?
Nearly everything, but especially the community of women I've met.  I lost my mother when I was only 28 years old, but have had many wonderful women guide me and encourage me.  I love making quilts and going to quilt shows and on retreat with my quilting friends.

Is there any part of the process that you don't like?
Ripping out - ouch!

Do you have a favourite sewing saying or motto?'
"It will quilt out"

What model sewing machine do you use?
I use the Viking Quilt Designer II - non embroidery machine

Do you listen to music while you sew? What is your favourite type or cd?
My favorite music is Paul Simon, but I like to watch TV and movies while I work at the machine.  The best think to watch is something I already know so that I can just listen and pause for the good parts.

What is your favourite food?
Thai food is my favorite ethnic food, but I love all kinds of foods.

If you didn't quilt what would you do?
I can't really imagine.  I feel it has always been part of me.  I sew every day of my life.

Do you have any furry friends that keep you company while you sew? 
We live with a wonderful 2 year old chocolate labrador, Coco and 2 cats; a black one, Luna and a grey striped, Starbuck (my husbands obsession)

Tell us about the house block you've made?
The house I made for Rachael included bright happy fabrics to reflect her wonderful and upbeat personality.
I included a bird in the window because we both love birds.
The roof section included a beautiful tea cup, as I hope one day to have a cup of "something" when I meet Rachael.
The background I chose has drawings of NYC because that is near to my home and I included the bathing suits just for fun.
I set the house on a "Blue Daisey" ground as a nod to her wonderful blog.

Thank you so much Barb!!!! - I love this happy colourful house with it's view of New York. The fun thing about the bathers and flipflops in the sky is that I'm such a cloud watcher so it would just like me to say " Hey Gbf - look at the giant bikini floating through the sky!"

Pop over to Barb's blog for more fun!!
and tune in next Friday for the next exciting friendly house...
Friendly Friday - Barb of Fun With Barb


  1. Love barbs house block. I'm hopping on over to check out her blog right now!

  2. I love reading about everyone, its like sharing a coffee and a chat with friends :) the house block reminds me of a painting, so many little things to look at that make you go ohhhh :)

  3. Barb's house block reminds me of Chagall's the Bride. So much floating above the roof top. Your blocks are all so different and fun. Like visiting all the Friday Friends.

  4. What a wonderful interview. Barb sounds like wonderful blogging buddy. I love the story behind the house block. Its a great house block.

  5. Delightful reading. Such a fun house block!

  6. Wow! I have to check out Barb...I love the projects you have shown! Thanks for featuring Barb!

  7. I love Barb's fabrics. such a good imagination!
    Barb has a great blog I read it every day!

  8. Love her! Love her quilts and her blog! A fun friend indeed! The house block is beautiful. Rachael, you are going have an awesome quilt.

  9. Another blog to get to know! I love the extra novelty prints in Barb's block. What a neighborhood this will be!

  10. another great blogging friend of yours.
    I've bookmarked Barb's blog, too. The house is gorgeous. This is gonna be an outstanding quilt :-)

  11. Barb is one of my favourite quilters and bloggers, everything she does has panache. It's so fun reading about the house blocks and how decisions were made in honour of you.

  12. hehehe I love the beauty parlor picture!!! Barb's house block is so cute too. The flip flops in the sky and the birdy in the window are too cute =D

  13. Another great interview Rachael...and I love how Barb loves champagne!

  14. I love these interviews Rachael. Barb's block is really fun and I like that it has lots of symbolism too.

  15. OMG I want to meet this woman ;)
    You are too sweet. Thanks for including me in your friendly focus interviews.
    Just back from Vermont and what a wonderful homecoming.
    I love the beauty parlor shot, but I should be doing your nails! Which I will after we have champagne when we finally meet in person


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