Here we  go - It's the big Sydney Quilt Show 2012 post!!!

Shall we start with a bit of dancing to get you in the mood... This is how they kept us early birds entertained as we lined up waiting to get in. Feel free to join in...

Autumn Rollover by Pamela Westmacott. All those autumn leaves in the borders are appliqued with some raised for a 3D effect. There's a whisper in the wind that Pam is going to start a blog soon, I'll keep you posted...

The Springwood Show Raffle Quilt won a prize!! 4th prize in the Group category.
 Here's the block I pieced, now I can say I've exhibited in the Sydney Quilt Show :). The white blocks were perfect for showcasing Suzie Anderson's beautiful quilting

The Shire's Preoccupation with Real Estate by Robert James is an unusual name. 
 It might help explain when I tell you this quilt is made of paper including real estate advertisements. The backing and binding is paper. The wadding is bamboo. 

This next quilt was so beautiful. It's a shame the camera can't pick up the subtle textures of the woven Japanese fabrics, but what you can see is the wonderful use of value, and fabulous quilting. I really love the way the quilting has added extra shapes to the piecing. Taupe Medallion was made by Jenny Anderson.

OMG - that 3012 triangles!! Infinity by Deborah Laurie was based on a quilt from the 1880's. Wonderful colour play!
 Oak and Sumac nearly drove Maree Blanchard crazy sewing all the flying geese. I'm so glad she persevered because this is such an electric quilt it practically hums.

Cinzia White says her hexagon quilt , Raconteur could be finished in a year if she could stay on task...

The teeny weeny tiny piecing is mind boggling!!! It was such a fun quilt to look over and point out different blocks or colour combinations. 

Strelitzia spectaculum by Denise Aubin was so striking. The flowers are puffed up and quite 3D. The quilting is amazing. Spectacular!!

 Composition in Yellow stopped me in my tracks!! Creater Judy Hooworth was this years featured quilter. It was great to see a range of her inspiring work.

Last Hurrah No 1 by Jan Duddle is so breathtakingly beautiful!!!

Karen Malone's Southern Stars is based on a 1880's Texan quilt. The piecing and quilting is perfect!! 

From razor sharp precision to wonderfully wild and wonky this next quilt would have to be one of my very favourite of my favourites. The United Republic of Me by Jessica Wheelahan

Chris Jurd's Lotus Flower was inspired by an 1850's quilt. Isn't it just so beautiful? I love those opening buds.

Chris's other entry in the show is a sampler of funky baskets!! You can see she had fun coming up with these  foundation pieced blocks and playing with fun fabric combos. Aptly named Basket Case.

By strange coincidence there was another quilt in the show called Basket Case, by Kathy Doughty of Material Obsession fame. This quilt is brilliant- looking at it feels as though you are looking at a piece of a giant quilt!!

 And how's this to further the coincidence our two Basket Case quilters are teaming up. Chris has designed a BOM especially for Material Obsession. Chris's clever pattern and techniques plus Material Obsession fun fabulous colour choices sounds like a party you don't want to miss out on!! Here's Kathy Doughty showing us the quilt, sorry the photo is blurry, oops.
Here's a better photo of Square Dance by Chris Jurd - the hottest new BOM in town!!

To finish off here's a few photos of the Material Obsession stand...
 Love the giant Churn Dash!!

Well, there you go... I hope you enjoyed my selection of quilts.
If you want to see more quilts pop over to have a look at Linda from Quilts in the Barn blog post about the Show.

Ps Chris Jurd is this week's Friendly Friday guest - make sure you come back to see her house block... it's a beauty!!!! :)