A Weekend Away..

A few weekends ago Gbf and I packed our bags and hit the road for a weekend away.

Can you believe it was our first holiday away together in over 2 years!! I've been away for quilt retreats and Gbf goes away on cycling trips sometimes but we hadn't been out adventuring together. It just goes to show time flies when your having fun and we do enjoy our weekends spent close to home in the mountains. But there comes a time when you want to see different things, new views, breathe different air...

Destination Orange, NSW. A town about 2 hours drive from where we live. It's a region known for its cool climate wines...

And we do enjoy a good wine!

We love going to winery cellar doors where you can meet the people behind the grapes. When you buy their wine you get to take home an experience. And when you open the bottle a few months down the track you can relive the memories of the holiday you enjoyed when you found it.

We hit the jackpot when we pulled up at DeSalis. We were greeted by some gorgeous dogs who ushered us into this awesome tasting room.. I love those groovy retro couches...

 amazing french theatre panels...

and a view you could enjoy all day... I'm glad to report the wines were exceptional! We bought some of everything and will no doubt be ordering more.

We then took off through the countryside to the lofty heights Mt Conobolas ( try saying that after a few wines, lol ). The view was so immense I couldn't capture it in a photo so here's a photo of Gbf eating an apple we bought from an orchard on the way. What do you think of his cool mirror sunglasses?

 Fast forward to dinner.. A quick trip out of town at sunset brought us to Racine , the restaurant of Shaun Arantz who has recently won an award for Australia's Best Regional Chef.

I loved the outdoor area, it's so bubbly!! I didn't get any photos of the inside or the food because from the moment we were seated we were having such a great time I didn't even think of taking photos... The food and matching wines were superb, I'm drooling just remembering.. The service excellent, even for a very busy night. We loved our evening.

Sunday arrived and we were back in the car to head home... home sweet home... We had a great mini holiday and will do it again , maybe even sooner than 2 years...

Here's some random photos of bits and pieces...There's some fabric in the last photo!

Here's the fabric photo... a fat quarter pack of Summerville by Lucie Summers. I've been waiting for the release of this range, it's so sweet, fun and different. I've got a few ideas of what I'd like to with it but I'm going to be strong and finish some other projects first. It's just comforting to know I have it waiting...

A Weekend Away..


  1. Oh what a fun fun getaway!!! I love Gbf's stylish sunglasses!! hehe!
    It sounds like you both had a wonderful time. I can't even say Conobolas without a couple glasses of wine =P Thank you for sharing all of the gorgeous pictures with us!!

  2. Looks like a lot of fun! Good for you to get away! They bubbly ceiling is so much fun and the mirrored glasses are definitely groovy!!! We just received Summerville in the shoppe...it is great fabric. The colors are wonderful!

  3. Sounds like a fun escape, and good food is always a bonus on these things! Enjoy your Summersville, I have some winging its way to me now :o)

  4. Now you make me want to have a glass of wine Rachael!!! And I bet you do something fantastic with that fabric xo

  5. I should of read your blog before I read your email! looks like you already had a great week!(even though it was couple weeks past) I love places like that.. Its been YEARS since me and hubby too a trip! What was the meaning to the stacked rocks by the tree?? I always look for things like that lol
    LOVE Summerville!!!!!!!!!!

  6. What a great getaway, I've never visted a winery and I think I should put it on the list now. Love the sunglasses and the fabric.

  7. The view over the vineyards is breathtaking. I'm so glad you guys took the opportunity to get away for a few days. It's so easy to let it slide and do it later--especially when your sewing room is filled with fabrics waiting for your touch.

  8. It looks like you had a great time. Great pictures too.
    It is a comfort to have a stack of fabrics waiting just for you!!!

  9. Oh how I love my Summerville! What a fun! fun! getaway!

  10. What a lovely weekend! Thanks for letting us travel along a little bit.

  11. It looks incredible! I'm a teensy bit jealous... of the holiday and the fabric! :) x

  12. A perfect way to reboot :) great photos and love the fabric. So now we shall wait to see what they will become ...cant wait :)

  13. Wow now that's what a call a great get away! the views are so beautiful and wineries? count me in!!
    Love the shades.
    Thanks for taking us on a tour of your weekend - lovely photography.
    You know you are having a great time when you forget to take pictures, life in the moment :)

  14. Sometimes a mini break turns out to be a great time. Its amazing what two days away can do for your soul. LOVE that photo of the shed with the roses. Talk about pretty!

  15. Grazie per le belle immagini!

    E' bello potersi ritagliare del tempo e scappare un po' per vedere cose nuove....

  16. Sounds lovely !
    We had a similar weekend this weekend ;-) Went home with a lot of wine

  17. Hi, Rachael. Refreshing photos of your vacation and I really enjoyed your photos of the Springwood Quilt Show. A lot of talent there! Loved your Waltzing Mathilda quilt--delicious colors, just very pleasing!
    best, nadia

  18. Sounds perfect. What a wonderful weekend away.
    Gbf trés cool!!!!

  19. Sounds like you had a wonderful restorative weekend. Those weekend getaways can be so perfect and it seems so much longer than a couple of days. Enjoy those wines.


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