iPadding & Woolly Wonders

As soon as I saw this fabric ...

I thought it would fun to use on an iPad cover.
The backing is a bit more of a mix. 

I made it for Gbf's birthday present so used fabrics I know he likes. Bicycles, space Invaders, gardeners text fabric. How cute are these 3 eyed aliens by Heather Ross. I feel a bit cruel for sewing over them. I think that alien on the walkie talkie is saying " Help! Help!We've been stitched up!" .

I had to include a comfy couch seeing as iPads and comfy couches go hand in hand.

The lining is like an optical illusion!! I used a double thickness of batting for extra squishy padding.

And here it is, the iPad in its new cover!! As snug as a bug in a rug!!

Gbf wasn't the only lucky recipient of gifts this week.

This arrived in the mail for me...

 A glamorous shoe bag!!!
 With a springy garden on the back! How gorgeous is this!! I bet even Cinderella doesn't have a shoe bag as  fabulous as this bag.

My friend Jan of Sew Surprising made these for me as a thank you for a little thing I'd sent her. She certainly  Sew Surprised me!! She also sent these Woolly Wonders ( that's the name I've given them). I must admit I wasn't 100% sure what they were meant to be. I was thinking mug rugs.. Jan says they're the best dishhcloths. I had to laugh, imagine if I'd thought they were dish cloths and they were really mug rugs, that would have been embarrassing.

I'm going to be a rebel though , I'll only use one as a dishcloth, and the other 2 can be mug rugs.  Thank you Jan, your parcel was such a wonderful surprise and I love my gifts!!!

Thank you too to all the lovely people who have sent me amazing house blocks. I know I'm keeping you all suspense by not showing them off yet but I will... all in good time. :) 

iPadding & Woolly Wonders


  1. The cover is so fun, an adult I spy ;) and Im so glad my little goodies arrived as you helped me greatly :)

  2. I love that iPad cover, I really should make one for mine
    that typewriter fabric is just sooooo cute, I love it!
    where oh where did you find it?
    love the shoe bag, made me smile!
    cute dishclothes I have actually started to knit some as well. they work great.

  3. Is there a cut of date for the house blocks ? meant to add that to my previous post, had an age moment hahahaha

  4. I love the typewriters but haven't managed to buy some yet. I can't decide which colourway since none of them are really my colours. Anyway, it'll all be gone before I finally cave....

  5. Ha! Love the aliens complaining of being 'stitched up'!! The typewriter fabric is amazing! Kind of wish I had a reason to buy some! I'm sure you'll find something perfect for a new background! I follow a blog called The Background Fairy. Do you know it? It might be worth a look!

  6. Love that alien print and hadn't seen it before. Such a nice cover, too. I'm looking forwardvto seeing the house blocks.

  7. I love all of those fabrics, such a nice mix. That shoe bag is beautiful.

  8. hehehe...and the alien on the right is trying to mumble something, but his buddy can't understand him with the stitches in his mouth =P Good thing he wasn't holding the walkie talkie!!
    The cover turned out perfect!!! Gbf's going to love it!!!! Oh and I love your shoe bags and dishcloths. They really are the best! Wait until you test them out. They are very scrubby!!!

  9. Love your ipad cover...very clever! We have both of those fabrics in the shoppe. Someone cut out the typewriter and stuffed it for a pincushion! It is great fabric! How nice to receive such wonderful gifts :) You didn't know it was a dish cloth because Gbf does all the dishes...right??? LOL!

  10. Holy cow, Rachael! That IPad cover is awesome! Such perfect fabrics.....aliens and all! Love it!

  11. I love projects that are fun to make and to give. The best part is when the recipient enjoys using them. And that's sure to be the case with your iPad cover. (Those aliens are a great touch!)

    The updated background looks fabulous. Reminds me of Sis Boom.

  12. That is one VERY special iPad cover! I can't get over those aliens! I've never seen that fabric before! What a kick!

  13. Lol, love the cover with all its magical pieces of fabric, especially the stitched up aliens, how could you?! ;o)

    Cute shoe bag :o)

  14. best ipad cover EVER!!!!
    I love everything about except that it's not mine :)
    The fabric choices are so YOU and also me, btw, loll
    The inside illusion is fab.
    The show bag is adorable. I love that look -
    what a lucky post week!

  15. What a fun iPad cover!! I'm sure he'll love it. It almost makes me want my hubby to get an iPad, just so I can make him a cover.

  16. I adore the IPad cover, such brilliant fabrics!! It looks awesome!
    The woolly wonders are great, my friend made me one and I can't bare to use it, it just sits looking pretty in the kitchen!

  17. What a fabulous ipad cover!!! Those fabrics are perfect.
    You are a lucky vegemite with those gifts.

  18. I love that i-pad cover - and that eye-popping lining is just fantastic.

  19. This looks like a perfect weekend. It's a lovely area. Great to combine travels with a little wine tasting, too. You need to do this more often!

  20. Maybe I can get this one in the right place. I realised I left my comment for your weekend away on this post, too. Never mind, you know what I mean.
    Love your I-pad cover. Great range of fun fabrics in there. It's good to be able to choose ones to suit the person. Enjoy your shoe bag as well. Good fun!

  21. Rachael I love you new background!!! What a fun cover full of stuff that Gbf loves...how about that alien saying that ha ha!!! Gorgeous shoe bag...perhaps some new shoes to celebrate!!!


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