Sticky Moments

Look what I've got!!
Saffron Craig's Removable Wall Stickers!!
They're just like fabric with a protective coating and they peel on and off the wall so easily.

So easily in fact I couldn't resist peeling them on and off a few things...

Don't they look fun floating around my ducks. "Watch out ducks, there's colourful bubbles ahead!".

Then I moved them to the glass doors that open to our deck...

The glass made me think they would be a great way to spruce up a vase...

Imagine some branches hung with circles of Saffron's fabric to match the stickers. It would make a fun birthday tree.
I went off to my sewing room. I missed my stickers, so I peeled them off the vase and put them on my sewing machine and cover. Dressed to impress!!
But when Gbf realised the stickers had disappeared to my sewing room he said they should be on view where people can see them. How sweet is it that he likes them too!! So we put them up in our entrance where everyone who visits will see them.

It's lucky they're removable!! Who knows where they'll end up next.

Ahhh fabric, you can sew it, wear it, hang it and now you can stick it on your walls- what a cool thing to be addicted to!

I just noticed Saffron is having a Fat Quarter sale! And a special free postage in Australia for a little while, I'm not really sure how long so I'm just being vague about that.


Sticky Moments


  1. Very cute stickers! I love your idea of a birthday tree with fabric decorations and stickers on the vase! Cute!

  2. Hi, I have a rather odd request. Someone told me that I am a "no reply blogger" and in looking for a solution came across your blog. I followed your instructions and believe that I have corrected the problem. Could you please send me a reply to this post so I can be sure. Thanks so much, and the stickers are just too cute.

    Heather, The Happy Appliquer

  3. Cute stickers! And on the glass door they are a safety your guests don't run into the glass! LOL!

  4. Love these stickers! I'm thinking the mirror in the guest bath would need at least one! lol

  5. Oh dear! This could become an obsession. A very good one, mind you. :)

  6. I can think of a million things to do with those, very cool!....I am interested to see more of that quilt on your design wall too.

  7. How utterly darling!

    They;re like a little bit of happy when people enter your house. Brilliant!

  8. They happy up the place don't they? I think you need more sets, lol.

  9. Sono proprio carini!
    Hai sempre idee spettacolari!

  10. Love those removable fabric stickers! My friend owns Wallallure and I have just won a set of Fabric Flying cool I can't wait to decide where to stick them :-)

  11. Very cute stickers and it's great they are removable so yo can place them wherever you feel like. I like your Pfaff decorate with one!

  12. I see you have moved on from leaves! (lol) What a great decorating idea. What medium will be next?

  13. Love the stickers and i love those flying ducks - they look very cool!

  14. Love the tour of your fun house. Did I see another lots of dots peeking out from under the machine?

    Maybe the stickers would make a bike go faster? So nice Dbf notices what your doing.


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