So...What do you do at Quilt Camp?

Golly!! I feel like I've been absent from blogland for ages but maybe that's because I've been away... at a wonderful Quilt retreat (and then some busy days at work)! I've found that some people are really curious when I mention I've been to a Quilt Camp so I thought I'd answer the popular questions.

So what do you do at Quilt Camp?
The short version- Sew! Laugh , eat , sew, laugh, sew, sleep.

The long version- The camp started on Friday afternoon and as soon as we unloaded our things and plugged in our machines we were off working on our projects. Wine and nibbles started appearing around 5pm but the hum of the machines didn't stop until it was time for dinner. Fueled up on delicious Chicken stroganoff and chocolate cake it was back to our work stations to sew until midnight!

Saturday was a full day of sewing. And chatting. And Laughing. And helping each other with sewing decisions.

A highlight of the weekend was Show and Tell time where everyone was encourage to show a quilt or a quilt top. The standard of work and variety of styles in that one room was just amazing.
After sharing our quilts we did a bit more sewing... until midnight again! I'm really not used to such late nights! I should add my little group were never the last to leave, there was another table who didn't seem to sleep.

Sunday arrived and we sewed some more and before we knew it was time to pack up. As I drove off in my little car the thought that crossed my mind was " Time flies when youre having fun!!". The 3 day retreat had certainly flown by in a flash!!

What kind of people go to quilting camp? It was a big group of about 50. All ages, though I'm probably one of the younger ones. The organisers of the camp, Chris and Ann both teach throughout the Blue Mountains area and the retreat is mostly made up of their students. It's a fun way to spend more time with class buddies and great way to meet others who love quilting too!
Q Do you sleep in tents? Nooo!! It's all very civillised!! The retreat is held at a conference center, set in bushy surrounds at the foot of the Blue Mountains. It feels as though it's miles from anywhere but conveniently for me it's only half an hour from home. We sleep in little cottages, 2 to a room , though my friends and I managed to organise a room for 3 so we could all bunk in together. Very comfy beds and ensuite bathrooms. The big sunlit sewing room is in a separate building nearby. We have all our meals prepared for us. Breakfast and dinner is served in a big dining room and we have lunch outside under the autumn trees.

Q Did I get lots of good sewing done? I think I've realised I'm not a fast sewer. Some people really powered through and got several projects finished. I wisely chose a simple pattern because I knew I'd be distracted by the chatter around me. I started from scratch with some fat quarters from Denyse Schmidt's Greenfield Hill range and some bits and pieces from my stash. I seemed to spend most of my time cutting fabric and squaring up blocks, but I did have something to show for all my work in the end.
The squares aren't sewn together yet but I've made enough 8 inch blocks for a queen size bed. I thought that was pretty good for a weekends work. The colours I've used in this quilt are less bright that my usual but I really like the combination overall. The photo is just a few of the blocks to give you an idea. I need my design wall and several cups of tea to ponder the final layout.

Is it all really a lie and was I really up to something else? Lol!!! What else is there?! Anyone who knows me knows how obsessed I am about quilting! If I'm not at home sewing, then I'm at a quilt show or sewing class. Plus where would I be going with a car full of fabric projects, sewing machine and ironing board!?

I'd like to add: Besides getting to sew all weekend, laughing with friends , meeting new people, being inspired by amazing fabrics and projects, being in a lovely bush setting there was yet Another reason quilt camp was such a treat..

Lots of lovely ladies had brought scrumptious slices, marvellous muffins, brilliant brownies and a cacophony of cakes... Enough vitamin Ch and sugary goodness to keep us going for the weekend. This photo is just a small selection of the delectable goodies... yummm!!
I'm already planning what slice I'll take to the next camp, Yes! I've already booked in for the August camp! Can't wait! Yay!!

A huge thanks to Chris and Ann for organising such a fun Quilt retreat!! Check out Chris's blog, Patchwork Fundamentals for more beautiful show and tell quilts.

So...What do you do at Quilt Camp?


  1. Absolutely going to Quilt camp- Retreat,is the best. If anyone is looking for a venue in Queensland Please look up

  2. Looks like a blast! I am going away in 2 weeks for about 4 days with 5 girlfriends, it is so much fun! We sew up a storm and solve almost all the problems of the universe...

  3. It sounds like you enjoyed yourself and then some. Hard to believe that anyone would think you would have time off and not be sewing. :) Your blocks look great, by the way.

  4. Sounds like great fun. I am going on my first quilting retreat in September, and I am really excited about it already.

  5. Sounds like you had a ball!! I am loving your quilt too! Don't feel bad about the time you took- some quilts need more loving to come to life! It is beautiful!

  6. Oh my, what fun! Love your quilt....that green just sings! And a cacophony of cakes....yippee! What else does a gal need!?!

    Love the pics from the sweet that gal with the circle of quilt all around her face! Like a flower! lol

  7. Sewing, eating and laughing!!!! It sounds perfect...I can see why you have scheduled another camp time!!!

  8. All clear now thanks. Also I'm very honoured to have made it on to your blog.

  9. Wooahh! Looks like heaven! Sounds like you had a ball Rachael and im really loving your latest quilt , it is really striking!


  10. How fun! :) I can't wait to hear about your next camp adventure!

  11. Wow Rachael what a FUN FUN FUN weekend!!! Sew, laugh, eat, sleep...what else is there ha ha!!! Glad you had such fun, bet you can't wait to do it again...Dzintra

  12. Wow, your retreat sounds fabulous. I'm glad you had such a good time.

  13. Any weekend with good food you don't have to cook is good. A weekend with all that and quilting as well is GREAT So is your quilt.
    Glad you had fun.

  14. I LOVE the photo of the lady with her quilt fanned out around her face - that amused me no end. Sounds like great fun! Thanks for the comment tips - i followed your instructions so hopefully you can see my email details on this comment!

  15. Your weekend looks like it was a lot of fun :-) My fibrecrafts group has a weekend away every year and I never get too much done and I never take anything too fact I never take anything I have to concentrate on to our meetings at the lake every fortnight! We must all be a bunch of chatterers :-)

    Your new quilt is really lovely, I love that diamond pattern (I am sure it has a proper name but I dont know it ;-) )

  16. Sounds like you had a fabulous time! I really like your new quilt you were working on. You have done a great job with your fabric selection.

  17. Ok, ignore my last email:)
    This looks like you had a ball mate!
    So glad to hear that it was so fun! Our next one is in august too. Yay for weekends away!


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