Picking Flowers and Winners

Giveaway Day has been a roller coaster of fun! 3 cheers for Sew Mama Sew for organising such a great event. I've been amazed at peoples generosity, inspired by clever creativity and found new wonderful blogs to follow. But the best part for me has been reading all your wonderful comments about your favourite flowers.

If only I could plant all your favourites in one big garden. It would be the most beautiful garden in the world and you'd all be welcome to visit whenever you like.

A HUGE welcome to all the the new followers!! I thought we could have a meet and greet next week and get to know each other a bit better. Stay tuned!

Okay, okay I'll stop waffling on so I can announce the lucky winners.

Firstly the Doll Quilt,
Suzee of AppleHead Threads is the proud new owner of the little Starry doll quilt!! Her favourite flowers are daisies!!

And the Embroiderers Companion Book goes to
Jodi who doesn't have a blog. She loves wild freesias that grow beside the road.

Congratulations!! I'll be sending emails to you both...

The photos in this post are some oldies of mine. It's nice to go back through the archives and unearth some favourites.

1. The beautiful pink peonies were from a few birthdays ago. I was given a big bunch but thought they'd look nice spread along my mantle piece. A good excuse to use a few of my vases too.

2. Another birthday bunch, this time some rare dark red peonies. The buds look like beetroots and then they open to that luscious big bloom with bright yellow stamens.

3. A photo for the tulip lovers.

4. Lily of the Valley- such a heavenly perfume

5. Something a bit different, a zucchini flower as it's just opening. I love their star shape, and they're tasty to eat too.

I'm off to a sewing retreat this weekend and will be back next week with lots of show and tell. I hope you all have wonderful weekends planned!!!


Picking Flowers and Winners


  1. Congratulations to the winners! i love those green shoe vases - very cute! Have fun on your sewing retreat (im so jealous) and look forward to your show and tell!


  2. Congratulations to the winners! I love those dark red peonies, gorgeous. Lily of the Valley is also a favorite, there is nothing in the world like their lovely fragrance. Have a great weekend sewing!

  3. omgosh !! yay!!! i actually won something!!! thank you so much! i love that little quilt! makes me smile to look at it :)

  4. Congratulations to Suzee and jodi. Love your peonies on the mantel piece, beautiful. The Lily of the Valley in the shoes are just so pretty.
    I hope you have lots of fun on your sewing retreat, you lucky thing, and look forward to seeing your show and tell.

  5. Beautiful flowers! Congrats to the winners! =)

  6. Congrats to the winners...and thank you Rachael...Your flowers are gorgeous...especially the peonies...Have a great retread...Dzintra

  7. Enjoy yourself! I can't wait to hear about the adventure.

  8. Have a fabulous time!!! :) I'm sure you'll come back with lots of stuff completed and maybe even more started! and a whole lot of new ideas! Take lots of pictures!! I want to see!!

  9. congrats to your lucky winners. I guess I will just have to make my own version of your star quilt now!

  10. Hooray for the winners! A sewing retreat, sounds fabulous...Have fun :-)

  11. Congrats to Suzee and Jodi! Yay! Have fun on your retreat! {I've never heard of a zucchini flower}

  12. Concratulations to the lucky winners! Thank you Rachael for the giveaway, for your comments, for your fotos and your inspirations,

    have a nice weekend



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