Craft and Quilt Show - Part 3

Here we are at Part 3 of my visit to the Craft and Quilt Fair!! My fabric purchases!!

Before I share my fabric goodies I just want to share 1 more quilt. It was one of my very favourites! Jemima's Purple Patch by Pamela Westmacott.

Made for her granddaughter who loves purple and "those spikey things Granny sews". How cute is that!! Not only are the pattern and fabric choices wonderful but I really love the quilting Pam has done. And check out the skinny yellow border! No wonder this won 1st prize for Small/Wall Quilt in the amateur division. Congratulations Pam!!

Okay fabric time!! It's nice timing too because it was this time last week that Mandy and I were heading home on the train looking at what we'd bought. Here I am doing the same but with all of you!!
This is where you see what broad taste I have when it comes to fabric. If I'm not shopping for a particular colour or pattern my buying is influenced by unusual things that I may not find again. Also by the wonderful bargains that some of the stalls had.

These fun vegetable fat quarters are, I think, by Hoodie for Blank Quilting. Neither of who I've heard of. Apparently this is a new range so no doubt you'll start seeing them everywhere. I was wondering what to make for dinner the other night. I wandered into my sewing room, saw these and thought " Of course- Ratatouille !". And delicious it was too!!
Mandy and I found some Prints Charming packs at the Kelani Fabrics stand. They're all one off packs. After searching through every bag I settled on this combination. I love that they're different fabrics, denim, linen, drill, corduroy. The plan is to make a skirt...

This little collection of goodies was from the bits and pieces basket at Kelani. It was like a lucky dip of fabric yuminess.

You can see why I bought this pretty panel fabric.

From French reproduction to Japanese theatre novelty, topped with a retro charity pincushion.
The flip side of my pincushion and pretty Japanese novelty fabrics in lavenders and blues.
The next 2 fat quarters surprised even me. The logical part of my brain says these are murky green and really dark and not the sort of bright fun fabric I usually go for. But something made me buy them. They're a little bit quirky and I like the painted/ printing look of them. Who knows... they'll be the perfect thing for something, some day.
Here's some gorgeous brights!! Reproduction lovelies!! I'm particularly enamoured with the yellow fabric. it makes me want to sew a purple and yellow quilt...
...Using some of these big bold purple dots from Saffron Craig's latest range Imaginary Flowers. The pink dandelions are from one of older ranges. I've always loved them, such a perfect shade of pink and dandelions take me back to childhood summers, blowing the little seeds into the wind.
Last but not least, are these gorgeous bits and pieces given to me by Terry. Bits of fabric are just the most wonderful gift to give a quilter!! She gave me bicycles because she noticed I collect bicycle fabric and of course I can never have too many daisies! Thank you Terry, I was so touched by your thoughtful package!!

I better get busy with my sewing so I can start using some of these before the next show!!


Craft and Quilt Show - Part 3


  1. ok now I am really jealous! Great loot you've got there. I'm looking forward to see what you'll make with these!

  2. Wow what fabulous loot. I love your purchases.
    It's going to be fun watching what you make with them.
    I could have done something interesting with the vegetable fabrics, lol.
    I'm looking forward to going to the Melbourne craft fair.

  3. I love every single picture in that post! It looks like you had a really good time. I must get some of that veggie fabric.

  4. Wow Rachael! Some great purchases there! I love the panel! Do you know what manufacturer that is from? I have a little of the tomato and onion, but the purple of the eggplant is magnificent! And the last quilt you have pictured is wonderful too. The flower in the corner block looks three dimensional! Wow! I want to go to a quilt show with you :)

  5. That quilt definitely deserved a first!! Amateur, my goodness!!! Love all the fabric. It is something like getting new wool? I can't cut up new fabric and new wool I have to stroke and hold for ages before I can cast it on for a project :-)

  6. The quilts on show just blow my mind, Such amazing works of art.

    Love your fabric haul, have fun playing around with it!


  7. What fabulous finds! I'm just a little jealous...LOL.

  8. Great diversity in your fabric goodies. You are prepared for whatever inspiration takes hold. It will be fun to see the novelty prints show up here and there in your projects.

  9. That last quilt was amazing! As Mary said, the flower looks 3D! And what wonderful finds! The lavender and blue Japanese prints re my favourites! Look forward to seeing what you create from this stash!

  10. I'm a huge fan of Hoodie fabrics. She did a line a while back called Rumba and I wish I'd bought more of it. She does small ecelctic collections. Very pretty!

    Wow-Im blown away by the range of fabrics you got. You certainly do like a lot of different fabrics. I love that we quilters have all sorts of bits and pieces in the stash so we can find the perfect piece when we need it someday!

  11. Love that feedsack panel, and the reproductions are so gorgeous! That dark and murky green collage fabric is really interesting.....I've not seen that before, and can't imagine what I'd do with it.....but I would want to focus somehow on's really great!

    And that quilt of Pam's is lovely! That spark of yellow piping is so perfect on it!

    Thanks for sharing all these great pics!

  12. Must not covet. must not covet. :)
    That quilt is wonderful & well the fabric choices are divine!

  13. Love your haul! Good thing we live in different hemispheres, I might bonk you on the head and swipe them. Nah! Not really! Do something wonderful with them!

  14. I think you saved the best quilt till last! Jemima's Purple Patch is so beautiful! Congratulations to Pam for wininng best Wall/Small quilt!

  15. Wow what great stash builders you have my dear..... oh sorry I couldn't help my self. I loved the egg plant fabric i cant wait to see what you create out of that. I have a give-away on my blog if you want to join in or tell you friends.
    Cheers Stacey

  16. Is there a part 4 I wonder? You got some great fabrics. Reminds me a must do a post on my stuff.

  17. I love, love your taste in fabric. Those veggie Fqs are the best. The show must be so so fun!!


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