The Craft and Quilt Fair - Part 2

This is the second post about my fabulous day at Sydney's Craft and Quilt Fair,
Here we go, the part you've been waiting for- The Quilts... This is just a small sample of what was on show, the ones that caught my eye. Enjoy!

Corporate Chaos by Robyn Shipton used shirts, ties and pants to create this quilt !!
I love that she left the pockets and buttons intact.

Desert Flower Revisited by Verna Horwood, based on a quilt from 1936.
This is such a pretty way to use hexagons.

Mirage by Margaret Mc Donald features Jane Sassaman's fabrics.
and enhanced with amazing quilting by Susan Campbell.

I kept coming back to this quilt. Not my usual colours but Ashbourne Mill by Katrina Hadjimichael was just stunning.

I've shown this quilt on my blog before when I saw it at the Hunter's Hill Quilt Show. It was wonderful to see it again, I think it's just incredible! Shot Waves by Kathie De Palo.

Isn't it electric!!

More diamonds. I love the way the stripes keep your eyes moving. You could get lost in this quilt for quite a while! Marquee Diamonds is by Kathy Doughty of Material Obsession.
Cosy, perfect hand stitching.
Kathy's other quilt Soul Searching jumped out at me too. I love the way it shimmers.
Lovely colour play with lots of fabric, yum!!
While we're on a Material Obsession theme, here are two quilts hanging at their stand. Both so different, Both fabulous. Wonderful use of colour!!
I love the name of the next quilt Googly Eyes by Catherine Butterworth.
Awesome fabrics!!Look at that amazing border and fussy cut star!!

Freedom by Helen Godden won prizes in the Art Quilt and Best Use of Colour categories
Incredible details.

Morocco Magic by Wendy Scott was mind boggling. There's 880 pieces making up this design.
This quilt makes me want to make log cabins! Ladies Love Poppies by Diane Tramontana.

Red, Green Again by Shirley Gibson. The longer you look at this quilt the more you see.
Last but not least, Indigo Daisies by Lynn Hewitt. You can't tell from the photo but this quilt was huge!! Love the hexagon flowers, and of course I like blue daisies!

Jemima's Purple Patch by Pamela Westmacott was one of my very favourites!!
It so deserved the Wall/Small Quilt award it won. Beautiful design and gorgeous fabric choices! Super crisp foundation piecing and that thin yellow border!! Stunning!!

Inspired? Impressed? I know I was.


The Craft and Quilt Fair - Part 2


  1. Thanks for taking me to the show :) Its great to see shows from other countries, would love to go to them but can no longer fly due to my ears :(

  2. thanks for sharing Rachael! There's some amazing quilts there.

  3. My goodness they are amazing...I wouldn't know where to look first! Some of those movement ones would need to be seen before lunch I think :-)

  4. Absolutely insired and impressed! Aren't quilters just the most creative people? I think I would have been weak in the knees to be in the presence of the Material Obsession gals! How fun for you Rachael...thanks for sharing these magnificent quilts :)

  5. I'm overwhelmed and dont know where to look twice first! Arent they all lovely works of art in their own right. Some people have incredible talent and skill.

    I would have been looking at them for hours.

  6. What amazing quilts! That is definitely my favourite part of these shows! Such inspiration! And colour! Not sure why i am so shy of it!

  7. So much to take in at one time! I'm tickled to see such a gorgeous use of Jane Sassaman's fabric in Mirage. And of course, Kathy of MO does such inspiring work I can hardly stand it.

    Oh for more time to explore the possibilities. I will have to settle for enjoying my blog buddies adventures vicariously. ;)

  8. Wow! Those quilts are incredible! Inspiring, impressive, but mostly overwhelming intimidating! ;) I woouldn't know how to even start something like that, let alone finish it! Thanks so much for the wonderful private quilt show!

  9. Wow! There is some huge talent at that show! The quilting on Desert Flower Revisited was amazing....and that pieced border on Googly Eyes....oh my! I loved them all! Thanks for sharing them!

  10. It's amazing to me how much talent and artistry there is out there. Sounds like you had a lot of fun.

  11. Almost as good as seeing the show with you--almost!

  12. Such amazing works of art - Thanks for sharing with us!!!! I think "Freedom" is my favorite quilt that I've ever seen. Something about it bewitches me. :)

  13. Beautiful quilts! I wish I could see them in person....the red and green one is amazing!

  14. What a magnificent array of quilts, those Material Girls are amazing. I will get to a quilt show one of these days....!


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