Sun Day Fun Day

Did you notice my new header? Some say a change is as good as a holiday. On a whim the other day I decided I should have a new header. I started playing with different ideas but didn't really like any. I went to re install my old header but had deleted it. So I had to persevere with ideas until I came up with this one. It's a bit like getting a new haircut, it'll take a few days to get used to it. What do you think? Do you like it?

It was such an amazing Autumn day here that after lunch I suggested to Gbf that we go for a walk. So off we went to explore some of the streets around our neighbourhood. We've been vaguely planning what we want to do in our garden so getting out and looking at what grows well in the area is very inspiring.
My favourite flowers at the moment are these Banksias. I'm really drawn to their rich caramel gold colours, their part fluffy/part spiky texture and their crooked, angular branches.
Mother Nature used her pinking shears when she made these leaves on the Banksia serrata tree.
When the flowers turn to seeds they remind me of the evil Banksia Men of the Snugglepot and Cuddlepie books.

Talking of seeds...

This was what I gave to Gbf for Valentines Day. It's the seed pod of a lotus flower but really looks as though it's from Mars! On V'day I think it was it's lack of thorns that most appealed to me. Lol!
From new a new header to blue skies and weird but wonderful flowers it's been a fun Sunday!! I hope you had a fun Sunday too.
Sun Day Fun Day


  1. It sounds like a lovely Sunday, it was wet here, yuck, but at least I had an excuse to stay inside and do some sewing.
    I really like your new header, very cute.
    I can also totally understand why a lack of thorns appealed to you after de-thorning a squillion roses.

  2. I love your new header, I've been thinking about a change too but I'm waiting for inspiration. The wetaher has been perfect for walking. You should get a lot of Lorikeets with Banksias planted. I love the pod, it's awesome and would make a great talking point.

  3. I love your new header too! It is perfect for your blog!I love all the textures you are showing of flowers and seed pods. Great inspirations for applique projects.

  4. I love the colours and fabrics in your header :-)

  5. Thanks for sharing pictures of the local flora. So intriguing. I'm sure there are more ideas for your garden than can possibly be incorporated. A good dilemma though.

    And I vote to keep the new header.

  6. Wow what a header! so colorful, cheerful and fun. I say keep it!!!

  7. Definitely vote for keeping the header. It is so you.
    Just the word Banksia will conjure up those scary images from May Gibbs for me. Love the plant though. Love all our flowering natives. Can I move into your yard please.
    Way cool Lotus pod too. Get lost just studying it.

  8. That flower is really fun! I've never seen anything quite like it!!
    I liked the little lady you made...can't remember what she was sitting only thought is get her back into your pic!! She was way fun!!! (chuckling!!!). Like the fun new look, especially the center of the letter D!

    I hope you use a fancy cutter to cut out your letters and not all by hand!!

  9. I like your new header--but miss the tiny You!
    Have fun planning your garden. We are planning to replace our tropical shade garden (again!) that got nipped by a freeze.

  10. Love your new header, very creative. I think your fabric ducks from a previous post are great. My Nan used to have porcelain ones flying up her stairs when I was a little girl, I always wanted some, I may copy your idea!! Your Wheels quilt is fab, the fabrics are so unusual. I must confess I am jealous of your design wall, great size. The Lotus seed pod does look rather alien doesn't it.

  11. Rachel,
    Big yay for the new look. The colours work really well with the page background. I reckon GBF would have been delighted with that flower. Can you clamp it to his bike? :)


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