Red and White

No, not wine...

I'm sure by now you've all heard about the amazing Red and White quilt exhibition being held in New York. Infinite Variety: Three Centuries of 650 Red and White quilts. Sadly I wasn't able to go and see it myself but thanks to lots of wonderful bloggers out there posting photographs we can get an idea of what an amazing spectacle it must have been.

I've gathered a list of posts with lots of lovely photos of the show. I figure this way I can pop back and have a linky look whenever I feel like a red/white quilt fix. I'm sure you'll all enjoy these mind blowing inspiring pictures too!

Victoria from Bumble Beans- The exhibition is in her home town and it was her birthday during the show, what a great birthday present from the city of New York!

Regan from Floating on a Quilted Cloud. Regan always makes me laugh, in fact she might just win the funniest blog on my blogroll award. I'm laughing just writing about her.

Megan at Will Work for Fabric 's post title is Pinch Me, I Can't Believe I Was There. Her photos are simply wonderful.

Linda from Quilts in the Barn, gathered up her girlfriends and they flew all the way from Melbourne, Australia just to see the show. They've gone back to look every day!! Her post has some links to videos about the set up of the show.

Sujata from The Root Connection has written a beautiful post about her visit to the show.

Kelly from Pinkadot Quilts went with 6 of her friends ( including Sujata) hence the fabulous post title- Six in the City- Lol!!

Enjoy the photos!!!


Red and White


  1. Thanks for putting the links on your blog. Kathie from Inspired by Antique Quilts mentioned she'd downloaded on her iphone, try asking her. Love your fabrics!

  2. Oooh thanks Rachael, great idea. I have been looking at lots of posts about the quilt exhibition. Absolutely stunning display.

  3. You can see a load of them at their flickr site

    and you can download from the main folk art site here ( ipads, iphone etc)

    it was like a religious experience....glorious... great time to have a birthday!

  4. Thanks for the links. A great reference to keep coming back to and getting inspired.

  5. Love the new header on your blog.....sweet! Thanks for the other blog spots for the R&W pics.....I just can't get enough of it! And I'm finding more quilts that I just MUST make through their did I not get a pic of some of these! Sheesh!

    I'm posting another group of pics tonight from my phone camera.....when my camera said 'card full' half way through the exhibit....Nooooooo! I'm also going to add some words from the program they had at the show.....beautifully written by the curator and owner. husband says I'M the only one that thinks I'm made my day! Thanks!

  6. amazing photos! btw, love your new picture header for the top of your blog! fun!! :)

  7. Rachael, thanks for the links!
    Oh My Gosh! As someone who works at a museum & helps install exhibits & has worked at the Quilt Festival--that is LOT of work!! And for such a short time! But what an amazing collection!
    I hope there will be a catalog.


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