Magic Wheels

My Magic Wheels top is finished!
I was hoping to get some photos of it hanging artistically outside but just as I was sewing my last stitches the clouds blew in and brought the rain.

At 92.5 inches the top is too long for my design wall but perfect for my bed! I probably should've ironed it before taking photos but I was too keen. So please excuse the wrinkles.

I'm not quite sure how I'll quilt it yet. I'm thinking Ill stitch in the ditch the blocks then do a mixture of free motion quilting and some perle thread hand quilting. But then I find myself wondering how custom long arm quilting would look.
As you all know by now I've really enjoyed using Saffron Craig's Magic Lands range. There's also some Dan Bennet's Wild Garden, Tula Pink's Eye Drops in Dusk, and of course some Sis Boom's Queen Street. It seems I always like to use some of Jennifer Paganelli's fabrics in every quilt I make. For this quilt I used Queen Street's Jodi and Dolin from the green colourway and Maritza Spots in aqua.

GBF says the wheels look like pizzas. I'll take that as a compliment!
Maybe we should celebrate my finish with some real pizzas! Yum!


Magic Wheels


  1. What a striking quilt!! Post pictures in the sunshine once the quilting is finished:)

  2. It's absolutely beautiful Rachael! I love the colours - it has a real modern vintage feel - stunning!

  3. This quilt is fabulous! I love all the colors and the wheels spinning around! It's a beauty!

  4. Wow! So much movement. I can't wait to see what you decide on the quilting.

    You should definitely celebrate this accomplishment!

  5. Love love love what you have done!


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