Life is a Bowl of Cherries

I had such a surprise last week when I was reading through my favourite blogs and got to Sunshine?Paradise? and found that I'd been tagged by Marg for the Cherry on Top Award!! I'm honoured to know someone thinks I have a beautiful blog with that little bit extra. Thanks Marg!!

As part of the award I have to list 3 things I like. I was about to write, GBF ( gorgeous boy friend), Quilting and My Life in the Blue Mountains ...

...but I guess that's obvious seeing they're all I ever blog about so I thought I'd pick 3 other random things.

First up - I love pretty, fun greeting cards. They're like mini art works that capture an emotion whether it be funny, happy, nostalgic, comforting etc. I collect them so I have them ready to give people but I have to admit that I like to keep them for a while before I give them away.

Number 2 is another thing I collect -Vases, well , I am a florist after all. I've collected them from markets, thrift stores, garage sales. I've got vases in all shapes, colours and sizes. My favourites are these vases from West Germany with their bright chunky glazes. When I first starting collecting these I'd get teased for buying such ugly vases but now they're fashionable and it's harder to find a bargain

My third thing I see as more a necessity. I find I often get deficient in Vitamin CH and need to eat things containing this important suppliment. CHerries, CHocolate, CHips, CHicken, CHeese, naCHos, CHorizo etc . I still love my broccoli and pumpkin though.

Okay now to tag 3 other worthy bloggers for the Cherry on Top Award. This is hard because there are so many deserving bloggers out there, but these three never fail to brighten my day.

Chris's blog is always full of beautiful, amazing, fun quilts. She travels the country teaching and inspiring and posts the progress of her students as well as her own work. It's always so interesting to see how different people interpret her patterns with different fabrics, and always exciting to see what stunning projects she's working on. She also shares internet finds and links to interesting things.

Melissa P of A Hundred Billion Stars. Her tagline is "Appreciating the Endless Possibilites of the Creative". I love that! And Melissa really does keep coming up with new possibilites of different crafty ideas that I would never think of. I can just imagine a beautiful craft book of her creations, even a TV show, Anything's possible!!

Sujata from the Root Connection. Her blog is so inspiring! I just love her quilts. Nifty Quilts summed it up perfectly in a comment to Sujata "Everything you make looks like the sun is shining on it.". She's so encouraging to other quilters and has even started a second blog called Basket Full of Scraps open to anyone who creates using their scrap baskets.

Happy Cherry on Top Award to you all, you don't have to play along but it's a bit of fun!

Phew! What a long post, I think I need some vitamin CH after writing all this...


Life is a Bowl of Cherries


  1. Rachael!

    Congratulations! I love your vases and everything CH! Your boyfriend is cute! Does he sew to? You made me smile this morning! Thank you for tagging me.
    I love happy energy you provide through your blog.

  2. Thanks for the new blogs to check out and Congrats on your award! You really do have a beautiful blog :)

  3. You are too kind. But maybe someday the crafty things will make it to the "Big Time". And it will be all the people that I meet along the way who make the journey, wherever it leads, so much fun. Thanks for being one of those people.

    And now that I know about vitamin CH...I think I'll stock up on some CHocolate to get me through the winter. :)

  4. Well deserved Rachael! I love your collection of vases. I will be checking out the blogs you have tagged. Congratulations!

  5. Congratulations Rachael,
    I love vases too and have a few older pottery ones like you posted and many more glass and other materials. My husband often buys flowers to grace our table so I like to have different vases to show off the flowers.
    I also love greeting cards- my friends often give me flowery ones that appeal to my sentimental nature.
    Wishing you a fabulous holiday.
    Warmest regards,

  6. Yay, I'm happy to say that I might be deficient in vitamin CH and will have to remedy that. I see lots of vases like that in the op shops, they are an interesting collection.

  7. oohhh i love cherries! and i still have so many months ahead until it's time to eat them again :(


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