Sunny Sunday

I've finished cutting all my strips into the required lengths for the Fat Quarter Quilt Along, ready for tomorrows sewing instructions. As I said in an earlier post I had lots of fun going through my fabric stash. So much fun in fact that I think I may have got carried away with how many strips I made. I haven't counted but it seems I may end up with a very big quilt. Or maybe I'll make some of the blocks into pillow cases. Oh well, the more the merrier.

I've been sorting through the piles and pairing them up ready for sewing. Some crazy combinations are being concocted.

I know this looks like a big topsy turvy mess but I prefer to think of it as organised chaos. :)

My sewing machine was jealous of my cutting board so I just made a few...

Gbf popped in and started talking about donuts. "Donuts?!?" I asked. He says these blocks look like square donuts. Good enough to eat!

He's such a sweetie. While I was having a party in my sewing room he was making lunch for us. Cauliflower soup with pecan rye bread! Served al fresco with a view! Complete with red rose!

I'm having such a great day!!

Sunny Sunday


  1. Skuse me while I carry on mopping drool....such yummy fabric!
    And as for that boy friend of don't sell shares in him, do you?

  2. Lunch sounded delicious! I'm going to love this quilt, the fabrics and colours are fabulous and it looks like fun.

  3. It is such a superb work of border and castle, really awesome. The color selection is perfect and I really impressed with exquisite work. Waiting for other unique work.

  4. Awesome work. But I did 't understand how you cut all boxes in exact shape? I hope you can share a tips soon.


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