The David Jones Flower Show

Spring has sprung here in Australia! Being a florist that means lots of lovely things coming into season and busier times ahead with weddings, anniversaries and babies arriving. Incidentally September is the busiest month for babies, being 9 months after Christmas, New Years and all those festivities.

For me the 1st day of spring is the day the David Jones Spring Flower Show opens.

David Jones is Australia's big department store. To celebrate the arrival of spring the Sydney store is filled with flowers. Big window displays over 3 different streets wrap around the store. Inside, every counter on the first floor has arrangements. Big freestanding installations of flowers add a colourful welcome in the entrance ways.
Usually a theme for the designs is chosen and is carried throughout the store. For the 25th anniversary of the show a retrospective of different years' themes have been recreated in the window displays. I was surprised how many I remember.
These photos have been taken through the glass so excuse the reflections.
I enjoy seeing how the dresses on the mannequins match the displays.
Electric blue butterflies...

These phalaenopsis orchids are divine!!

And now to the inside of the store...

Flowers here, there and everywhere!!

Hello Blossom!
Sweet little birds.

Think "Abundance"
Think "Big!"
These hanging willow fronds gave the impression of a fountain.
Love, love, love these huge branches of silvery grey Eucalyptus macrocarpa!

Look at these spikey orange flowers at the sides of this arrangement. They're a South African flower called Leucospermum. What makes them so special??
They're also called Pincushions!!
The David Jones Flower Show

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