My Quilt History- Part 11- All you need is love

I made this quilt for our good friend Graeme, aka Bagsy. When I was making Phil's quilt I ordered extra fabric thinking that I'd make a second quilt for Bagsy, who is the biggest Beatles fan ever! As is the way with quilting, I got sidetracked by another project or two and this fabric got put back in its box on the shelf. One day out of the blue, we had a phone call from Bagsy who told us this awful story about how a small routine operation has gone hideously wrong and turned into a months stay in hospital and he was facing a long recovery time at home. We hadn't heard because we now live interstate and get left out of the loop sometimes. It was quite a shock!!

I had the fabric out as quick as a flash and had this whipped up in a weekend. Isn't the best thing about being a quilter being able to make something for someone that shows how much you care?! The black really sets the colours off and make it look like a big licorice allsort lolly. It was the first quilt I thought to mix fabrics in the binding. Just little splashes of colour here and there. I knew sending it away to be professionally quilted could take a month so I machine quilted it in big angular lines myself and hand quilted the panels around the pictures. I was still using my lovely old Betty Bernina who was stuck in her ways and didn't know how to free motion quilt.

Graeme has a lovely girlfriend who used to be an international ballerina so I put this little heart
on the back so she would be close to his heart, (I'm such a soppy romantic!), and to illistrate that he'd be up dancing soon.

All up it took two weeks to make and get in the mail. In the message accompanying the quilt I said I'd read that sleeping under a handmade quilt when your unwell helps you mend twice as fast.

I'm glad to say the quilt worked it's magic and he recovered quickly.

We love you Bagsy!!

My Quilt History- Part 11- All you need is love

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  1. Your work is most beautiful my dear friend. Thank youfor sharing. Hi! From U.S.A.
    Happy Quilting!


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