Musical threads.

Check out this alien that's landed in my sewing room! (insert spooky music here)..

Well actually it's just an innocent little Ipod dock stereo so I can listen to music in my sewing room. It was a lovely surprise from GBF when he picked me up from my sewing class.

Strangely ( insert eerie music here) his thoughtful gift was a bit of a coincidence because it had been quite a musical day at The Vintage Patch yesterday. Lynne had her Oldies but Goldies songs playing which, I noticed, had a few people singing along. Then at some point Sue mentioned she'd enjoyed watching Metallica and U2 videos the evening before. This sparked conversations about great concerts we'd all been to. Kate enjoyed Guns n Roses and Lorraine loves Andre Rieu (and Greg Norman who isn't musical but knows how to use his club). My favourite music was hearing a roomful of ladies (and Roger) laughing!!! You could say we were in stitches!!!

We really do have so much fun!!!
I have to admit I didn't seem to get a lot of sewing done yesterday. One of the bosses from my past would have been saying in his stern voice "There's too much frivolity and not enough work being done!!!". Our fearless leader, Chris is so great at being part of the fun but always one step ahead of knowing when someone needs a hand with their project.

I worked on the applique for my Mariners Compass but I didn't quite finish so I'm off to my sewing room to listen to music.


Musical threads.

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