Hello, Hello!!

Wishing you a Happy New Year!

May 2024 be the year that makes you dance for joy!

It already feels as though the year has put on its roller skates and is off and racing towards lots of fun and fabulous times, so I thought I better get in and let you about a few of the wonderful events planned for this year. 

In 2024 I am super excited about 5 DAY WHIZZ BANG WORKSHOPS!!! 

In the US and Australia!! 

You all know by now that I am incredibly passionate about these techniques and quilts, and nothing brings me more joy than sharing the magic of them with others. 2 day weekend workshops are a fabulous introduction but I always wish we had more time to make different blocks and bring them together as quilts.

That's why I'm excited about 5 day masterclass workshops - 5 glorious days gives you enough time to properly learn a variety of blocks and immerse yourself in enjoying the process. If you have a favourite quilt from my Whizz Bang book I can guide you through making that or I can suggest what style would would suit your fabric choices/style, or if you have an idea of your own that you would like creative help with, I'll happily help you make your dream quilt.

5 day Masterclass at Madelene Island, MISA - August 12th-16th 2024

For those of you in the US, I'm looking forward to teaching at Madeline Island School of the Arts (MISA). As the name suggests it's situated on Madeline Island, the largest of the Apostle Islands in Lake Superior.

MISA is a center for creative adventures. They have everything we need to make our experience comfortable and enjoyable, from spacious and well-equipped classrooms to cosy accommodation and delicious meals. We'll be surrounded by serene landscapes and immersed in the island's natural beauty, allowing our creativity to flourish in this peaceful setting. Come along on a creative journey like no other! Let's make beautiful quilts and lasting memories together at the Whizz Bang workshop at MISA.

For more information, visit the MISA website


In Australia, I'll be teaching a 5 day masterclass at Geelong Fibre Forum.  

29th Sept- 5th Oct, 2024

I've called the workshop "Zap Zing Zowie" after my joyful triptych quilts (pictured above), but of course they could be made in any colours - imagine it in indigo blues and neutrals.. or wild patterned fabrics, or all recycled fabrics. Or come along and make any of the Whizz Bang quilts. I'm there to help you make your dream quilt! I'm even hoping we'll have some garment makers who would like to create magical clothes with folded triangles and kaleidoscope circles, I've been sketching garments... My imagination is always full of ideas! Once again with 5 days, there is wonderful time to play, explore and create amazing things!! 

I have to add,  I went to Geelong Fibre Forum last year and it was hands down one of the best events I have ever been to. I absolutely loved every minute!! I loved being able to concentrate on one project for a week. In the evenings there were artist lectures and other events like crafty markets, and garage sales, exhibitions, or you can sew into the late hours of the evening. I absolutely loved spending time with lots of creative folks, from different fibre backgrounds - dressmakers, weavers, dyers, felters etc.. and yes there are lots of quilters too! All of this set in the beautiful grounds of Geelong Grammar, with its grand old buildings set by the water. If I wasn't returning to teach I'd be signing up for another class just to be part of all the fun. 

For more information about Geelong Fibre Forum, visit the website here 

Both the MISA Workshop and Geelong Fibre Forum are open for bookings.

Don't dilly dally!! Book in now!! That way you have something wonderful to look forward to for longer, and I don't want you to miss out.

If you have any questions any of these workshops, feel free to email me, rachaeldaisy@gmail.com

A special thank you to those of you who have already booked in - sending lots of thank you sparkles!!


To give you an idea of how versatile these wonderful techniques can be...

The original Whizz Bang Quilt

or the beautiful 'Dollop of Cream' design,

the vibrant and funky 'Zap Zing Zowie',

or colourful and scrappily happy like 'Merry Whizz',

the dark and moody 'Shirt Tales',

The lovely Lola quilt made with vintage fabrics. 

or the fun and bubbly 'Lolly Bliss Bombs',

The time I made 100 little circles of all types and colours - so much fun!!

A few of the other places you can find me in the coming months...

I'll be doing a mega trunk show for the Bendigo Quilters on the 24th Feb.

SewFab in Narrandera - for a lovely weekend of sewing on the 2nd &3rd March

PennyLane Patchwork in Victor Harbour to teach my Denim Wedding Ring Quilt 16/17th March 

and Jack and Jaydes in Rostrevor, Adelaide, for a class of Big Happy Daisies!! 18/19th March

I always like to finish with a few photos of other things that I have been up to, and then I remembered I have my Japanese trip photos to share, a big garden project, ( secret new quilts) but they can wait for future posts, I think I've chatted enough today.. so here is my favourite rose picture from my garden,

and some of our friendly neighbours.

Wishing you all a wonderful time where ever you are and whatever you are doing!

PS - Please don't hesitate to ask me about my workshops if you have any questions at all.. 
I'm just an email away at  rachaeldaisy@gmail.com