Here we go... another super long blog post so it's a good idea to make yourself a cup of tea before settling in to read my latest news and adventures. 

Woohoo!! I have an exciting new pattern release!!!  
Regular followers of my blog will recognise Pockets Full of Posies as a quilt I made years ago, back in 2012/13.. I've had a zillion requests for a pattern over the years but some things take time. I'm finally now happy to say it's available. 
It's not just a pattern but a Pattern Booklet. I'm calling it that because its A4 size or US Letter size and 28 pages long and is jam-packed with all the things you need to know to make this fun quilt; How to cut up jeans, how to piece the denim in different ways, putting the quilt together, It has templates for flowers but I also talk about designing flowers, different applique methods, how to make YoYos and even how to do the quilting that I've done. It really has everything!! 

The Pockets Full of Posies Booklet is available at my Etsy shop as a Downloadable PDF which is great because you get it straight away.  I'll release it as a printed booklet when I return from my next round of travels.

Now Pockets Full of Posies has been released as a pattern I can share students work from past workshops.. there are a few but I'll start with this beautiful one made by Connie from our workshop at Quilt Encounter in Adelaide, last year. Connie used lots of her grand daughters' jeans and denim dresses. Isn't it fabulous!! It's the first quilt that she has quilted herself, and that is a wonderful achievement in itself. 

Okay, Now for a sea of photos from my recent Tremendous Tasmania Tour.  

My first stop was George Town, in the northern part of Tasmania. 

Where I was being hosted by the lovely Sarah of Patchworks Plus. 

Sarah had made pretty name tags for everyone who was attending the workshops,

including one for me!

Plus goody bags cleverly labelled "Do not Open" so everyone had to wait to open them at the same time. As you can imagine there were all sorts of wonderful quilty goodies inside. 

Our workshops were held at the George Town Golf Club

Which had the most wonderful view of the Tamar River.  There was a day when the weather kept changing and every time I looked up the colour of the sky and river had changed, from misty to moody grey and then this clear blue.

Lots of circles of fabulosity. 

While my photos captured the beauty and creativity of the work made over the workshops, they don't capture how lovely everyone was, the wonderful conversations about everything and anything, the laughter, and happy buzz of excitement as people learn new ways to play with fabric.

One afternoon Sarah took me on a driving tour of George Town.

These firey red gum blossom trees in full bloom lined the streets of the town.  

You know I love taking photos of random things... 

Some photos from evening walks.

Sometimes people ask if I sleep under my folded fabric quilts. Yes I do, especially when I travel, they add cosy feel of home plus extra warmth on a chilly night.

After my workshops in George Town I headed to Launceston where I did a Pine Star workshop and didn't take a single photo. I was so focused on helping people with their blocks. As a teacher I'm always doing something, if I'm not answering questions or demonstrating I'm helping people iron triangles or cut fabrics so I'm always on the go. Taking photos slips out of my mind.

After my first round of workshops Mr Daisy flew in to spend a few days sightseeing with me starting with the picturesque city of Launceston
It was pouring with rain so we had to skip going for a walk at the Gorge. I'll look forward to seeing it on my next visit. Instead we went to the Art Gallery and admired paintings of Tasmanian Landscapes. 

These two paintings by Tom Roberts were my favourites of the day.

The gallery had a beautiful grand staircase.

After the gallery we had a lovely long lunch at the renowned Stillwater restaurant sampling local produce...

...and enjoying desserts that looked like art. 

By the afternoon, the weather had cleared up enough for us to visit the City Gardens where we saw a million dahlias in bloom. I couldn't help taking a few million photos.

I admired the trees too..

We saw the monkeys just in time before they all rushed off to bed at 4.30pm on the dot.

There was this ornate structure..

with an intricate lacy ceiling. 

The next day we took off to Cradle Mountain.. 
with a stop at a town where I admired these coloured doorways.

and tried on a wooly beanie. Does anyone else take selfies when there isn't a mirror?

A day spent and the beautiful Cradle Mountain. We walked around Dove Lake, taking our time because I had to stop every few steps to take photos. As we started out the sky was crystal clear blue and about half way around clouds started to gather. It was great to see the lake and mountains change with the different light. 
I'll let you enjoy the photos...

On Friday morning we were up early to drive to Hobart..

We arrived in time to settle in and get to the Hobart Rowing Club for our Trunk Show hosted by Helen Stubbings of Quarter Inch Quilt Shop.
She made everyone name badges that looked like Whizz Bang blocks.

Helen's daughters catered the event with this amazing grazing table of delicious delights.

I had the most wonderful surprise when Yvonne who did my workshop last year at AQC in Melbourne brought in her finished quilt to share with us. It was wonderful!!

Yvonne said she had really enjoyed making the quilt, I guess the fact that it had 36 blocks is the proof. She had done so many interesting things with colours and fabrics that don't show in the photos. I love the way the blocks of vibrant colours pop against the white background. 

Yvonne had also used some fabrics that she had dyed herself.
It was a joy to behold.

The weekend flew by, like they always do, we were obviously having too much fun! before we knew it it was time to share everyones blocks. It always so great to see them all together, and enjoy how different and wonderful they all are. 

I'm here looking at these photos thinking how beautiful these blocks are. I've seen so many now from all my workshops but I'm always excited to see them in all the different fabric and colour combinations that people use. 

Here's a most wonderful mermaid made by Louise who has done 4 workshops with me all in different places. It's always lovely to see regular faces. Of course I loved meeting all the new people too. In fact I've come away saying Tasmanians are lovely, friendly, welcoming, gracious and very clever sewers. 

On Sunday evening we wandered around the docks of Hobart with our lovely friend and excellent guide, Janne. 

Monday was MONA day!!

The Museum Of New Art is one of Hobart's biggest attractions and one I've heard so much about for years. I'm so happy I can now say I've been, and that it definitely lived up to my expectations with interesting art and installations around every corner and at the end of every tunnel.

I enjoy taking photos of Mr Daisy looking at art. It's something I've done for quite a few years now. Mr D laughs and says I turn everything into an art project, even visiting an art gallery. "Well, Why not? " I say. Seeing someone interact with art can be just as interesting as the art itself. Anyway, Here are a few photos of Phil looking at art.

At lunchtime we caught the Mona ferry into Hobart..

We bought tickets to the Posh Pit part of the boat and by chance had the pit all to ourselves!

We sipped local wines and nibbled on canap├ęs while enjoying the views. 

We stopped in Hobart for a short while before the ferry returned to Mona and I was taking a photo and who should I see but our friend Janne standing in my photo! Such a coincidence! Janne is such a ray of sunshine that a 5 minute chat can make ones day. 

Then it was time to get back on board the ferry and return to Mona to collect our suitcases and then a plane, a train and home to the Mountains.

It's time to pack for my next exciting adventure so I'll sign off with a dahlia, imagine it growing out of a denim pocket!

Wishing you all lovely flowery days and happy smiles.