Hello hello!! I'm still here! I've just been on the go, non-stop travelling here there and everywhere! Along the way I've been gathering lots of stories to tell and pictures to share but I'll start with some upcoming events..

I'm about to take off in my Daisymobile to Canberra for 4 days of Whizz Bang colourful fun times at Addicted to Fabric. It will be great to meet new people and those who are returning to make more exciting blocks. I always have more styles up my sleeve.. some in my mind that I haven't even made yet, oh the possibilities!

Then it's off to the Brisbane Craft & Quilt Show where my quilts will be adorning the Bernina stand. I'll have  books available to sign and patterns to sell and will be more than happy to chat about quilts, pineapples, sunshine and all the fun things. 

After that my next fun adventure will be to  Queen of Fabric in Melbourne. I know this will be a fabulous weekend!! I've heard so much about how beautiful this shop is and every time Emma posts photos of fabric on instagram I swoon with delight.

I'll be doing a trunk show on Friday evening 1st November from 6.30 -9pm. I'll have 2 suitcases with pretty things to share: some of my early quilts, some popular favourites, a couple of new quilts, some quilts that have returned from travels overseas and other fun bits and pieces. 

Then it's a Whizz Bang weekend where I know the most pretty blocks will be made. 

If you'd like to come along here's the link to book or call the shop on Ph (03)9596 3434.

I'm also super excited to announce I'll be in the US next year in March/April. 

Starting off at Quilted Strait in Port Gamble, Washington,  I'll be teaching Whizz Bang, Modern Yo-Yos and Organic Quilting.

And then over to Palm City, Florida where I'll be at Red Thread Studio teaching lots of things, Whizz Bang, Pockets Full of Posies, Modern Yoyos, all in a beautiful classroom in a museum. 

I'm also looking forward to spending a few days with the Tri County Quilt Guild in Houston, plus a few other stops along the way. More about this fun trip later... 

Now onto my most recent trip... 

My trusty orange and yellow travel companions and I caught a train,

then a plane..
Along the coast..

over green fields

and then a picturesque winding road up green mountains to the town of Dorrigo.

Set in the Misty Mountains...

for the Misty Mountain Getaway.

A week of workshops alongside this super group of tutors 
Around the table staring from the left we have Rachelle Denneny, Helen Godden, Me, Denise Griffiths, Meredith Woolnough, and Margaret Olive, Chris Timmins ( not pictured)...
And the ever smiling, Wendy Nutt!

First day up was my Modern Yo-Yo class. Participants can choose from different projects, all with a focus on using Yo'Yos in a fun way..

The next day we played with Ric Rac... once again, I have different projects on offer. It's nice to have a choice..

My Ric Rac Razzamatazz pattern...

Here's a version made by Lissa Argue..

 Lissa is Super Duper Daisy Quilt Star. She has made 5 of my quilts!! Ric Rac Razzamatzz above, Also this striking version of Bubbles.

A fabulous Gypsy Carnival..

And an amazing version of Chunky Blooms..She is also working on Pockets Full of Posies, I know that will be amazing too!

Connie also brought her finished Chunky Blooms in for Show and Tell. It's brilliant, so fun, so many wonderful details, such a joy to see. I haven't released a pattern for this quilt yet but I've had lots of people ask so watch out for it next year. 

And beacause I love flowers, here are some beauties that I spied over the week.. A white Waratah in the misty rain

The more common red waratah. These special blooms always make my heart beat a little faster.
A rock orchid high up in a tree. 

On Tuesday we had a day of stitches and stories with Organic Quilting. I love this class. It's relaxed, a chance to play and be creative with stitches. 

Of course Whizz Bang had to pop up on the schedule! Wednesday and Thursday flew by so quickly in a whirl of folding and colour and fabric fun. 

I just love this fabric so much! I couldn't help but take photos.

Oh dear, some people have been cut out of the photo. A special hug to Aileen who sewed with me for several days. It's thanks to her comments about being a big fan of my blog that has got me writing again. It's always encouraging to know people enjoy my rambling and zillions of photos.

 More show and tell, this time from Judy - the ric rac glows and adds a real spin to the quilt!!

Lots of sewing, teaching, learning, lovely conversations, awesome times with the fellow tutors, events and dinners in the evenings, a fun trivia night where everyone seemed to get a prize and these slices ( voted best slices in the world) all added up to a most wonderful week!! 
 And all set in the small, quiet town of Dorrigo, famous for its green rolling hills and majestic waterfalls. 

A million thank yous to Chris and Carol for such a great event, and to all those who attended my classes, shared their show and tell from last year, and who shared stories and smiles. Misty Mountains Getaway has been going strong for 15 years with several participants returning year after year. If you're interested in attending next year you can find out more at their website here.

I think that's enough for now but I'll try to not leave it so long between posts again.. I still have lots of things to share!! Happy stitching until next time. 

Ps If you're interested in my patterns you'll find them in my Etsy Shop here. ( I'm slow at writing patterns so I don't have patterns for all of my quilts, that's my aim for next year so stay tuned.)

For Whizz Bang, my book is available from 
Quiltmania Europe
or Can Do Books in Australia will ship for free around Australia, Call them on 1300 308 261
or you can pick up a copy at all the best quilt shops. 

I know I'm biased but I think it's a pretty fabulous book, totally chockablock full of colour, inspiration and techniques. I don't sell it from my website because it's a very hefty weight and I can't compete with shipping costs, but if you have a copy, and would like a colourful hand drawn bookplate then buy a pattern, let me know in a message and I'll send a personalised page for you to stick inside the book. 

Okay, okay, I'm really going now.. I have to head off on my Canberra adventure..