Here's another blast from the past. 
After my visit to Amitie in Melbourne last October. I arrived home and wrote half of this post but then before I knew it I was on a plane to Houston so didn't get around to finishing it. There's always an upside to everything and the bonus about waiting to publish this post has meant some of the clever class members have finished their quilts so I can include photos of their wonderful work...  

But let's start at the beginning.

10 reasons why I've just had the best weekend!!

1) I was at Amitie!
Amitie is more than a quilt shop -  It's a space for inspiration and creativity. I don't know what it is exactly but both times I've taught here it feels as though a bit of magic happens!

The space is big and open with lovely bright lighting. Beautiful quilts adorn the walls and there are shelves, and shelves of fabric grouped by colour to create a fabric rainbow. There are shelves of Liberty, every colour of Aurifil thread, walls of patterns and every sewing tool you could want. 

2) I was there to teach my Whizz Bang Workshop.
I love teaching these folded fabric blocks, it's a joy to share my tips and tricks, and then seeing people catch that creative spark as their beautiful circles come to life. 

3) Quilters really are the best.
We had the loveliest group of women who had travelled far and wide to sew and and be part of a special weekend of creativity. Everyone clicked immediately and friendships were formed.

4) So many Beautiful blocks.
I say this every time I know, but one of the best things about attending a workshop is seeing the variety of beautiful work made by everyone. 

5 The Amitie Cafe.
Oh my golly the food is SOOO good!! Fresh, made with locally sourced produce, everything is made in-house. Delicious lunches, a range of mouth watering cakes and the coffee is getting a reputation for being the best in town. 

6.Super friendly, helpful staff. 
The staff always seem to be there with things just as you need them, and always with a smile. 

7) The Fabric!
The range of fabric is to die for. So many fun and quirky prints. Pretty fabrics, modern, 30's repro, classic dots and stripes, Liberty. Its the sort of shop where you buy fabrics for your stash because you know you wont find them elsewhere. 

8) Jen and Richard Kingwell are 2 of the nicest people you could ever hope to meet. 

Here's a little thing you might not know about Jen, She loves to arrange flowers and arranges all the flowers in the store herself. Beautiful wild eclectic mixes. 

9) The fresh beach air of Torquay.
Deep breath ahhh.. Torquay is a small but happening town on the surf coast an easy hour from Melbourne. beautiful beaches. As a mountains girl it's always refreshing to see the ocean. 

10) Tilly the wonder dog, 
Tilly could be the star of a TV show. She is such a bundle of happiness with an extra dose of cuteness. 

Of course I could add another hundred reasons but we'll leave it at ten. 

And now back in the future here are some of the quilts made in the months since the workshop. I've used these photos with permission from instagram so I'll tag everyone with their instagram names. 

Deb from @debsway is still quilting her quilt but doesn't it look gorgeous already. I'm loving her use of ric rac!

Deb also made Christmas gifts for her friends.

Sally of @sallyopthoog made such a happy quilt with her blocks, I love that she included big yo-yos in the sashing. 

Jo of @quiltingjo knew she wanted to make a version of Lolly Bliss Bombs the first time she saw it. I love the colours she has used for her quilt. 

Mandy's top is so close to being finished. I love her use of vintage fabrics and the way the colours pop against the check fabric. 

The wonderful thing about all of these beautiful quilts is that they hold memories of a fabulous weekend with lovely people, laughs, smiles, communal creativity, stories and more. It's that magic I mentioned earlier. 

Truly wonderful!!


Other news... 

Pour L'amour du Fil is getting closer, Workshop bookings have opened. 
My workshop times are Wed 24th April 10-130pm and Fri 26th 10-1.30pm. 
When I'm not teaching you'll find me in my exhibition space surrounded by my quilts.  
I still can't quite believe this is all happening! I keep pinching myself. 

I was so chuffed to see my Pine Star used for the promotional flyers for the Australasian Quilt Convention. It's so fun to see the same block on mass.

This weekend is the opening of Golden Texture Contemporary Art Quilt Exhibition. I have two works in the show but I'll wait until next time to share them. It's nice to save them as a surprise for people attending the opening. All I'll say is neither of them use any folded fabric blocks but they are all about texture!

For this weeks random photos I stepped away from my sewing machine and went for a wander outside...

This one, although it looks like it could be the ocean, is all sky. a big, wide blue yonder. 

I'll be back soon with more stories, either from the past or the future, I'm not quite sure yet... In the meantime I hope you find time in the present to enjoy some of natures beauty.