Fun things on the Horizon

Good things are on the horizon.

and those good things happen to be called Horizons. 

It's Kathy Doughty's newest range. 

and boy oh boy is this range a beauty!!! From the striking colours...

to the way the colours and images are so inspired by Australia. It features native birds, outback scenes, our quirky trees and foliage,

The iconic windmills that are dotted across country landscapes. 

I particularly love the magpies...

because they remind me of the magpies that visit us every day to say hello. 

There are 3 different colour ways - Dreamy, Moody and Vibrant. I like that even though there are the different colour themes they mix and match with each like one big happy party. 

When Kathy asked me to make a quilt with her sample fabrics, of course I jumped at the chance. She gave me the Moody bundle to play with and this is the result.  

It's a version of my Bubbles quilt that was on the cover of the first ever Simply Moderne magazine. 

I think you'll agree this version is particularly eye-catching in these fabrics.

Even in black and white.

I've called it Horizon Bubbles.

Here's a few close ups so you can admire the fabrics.

There's the windmill blowing all the Bubbles around. 

Who doesn't love a good selvage. 

Here's Kathy's Horizons booth at Quilt Market, in Houston last November. Quilt Market is the trade show for all things quilt related and where new ranges are previewed before they are released. From all the photos of Kathy's booth that people were sharing on instagram I'd say it was a very popular stand, and no wonder. You can imagine what a thrill it was for me to see my quilt on display.

I popped into Material Obsession a couple of days ago and saw it hanging on the wall. I had the original Bubbles quilt with me so we hung them side by side. Old and new together. It goes to show how different fabrics can make the same quilt look so different. 

Here's a quilt by Kathy using the dreamy colour way. 

There's those handsome magpies talking to each other across the quilt. 

The reason I was visiting MO was to bring in some sample quilts for my upcoming 2018 classes. 

This year I have 2 classes on offer:

One called Simple but Effective that will be every second Tuesday of the month.  10-1pm 
Sometimes we focus on the tricky techniques and designs available these days and loose sight of how much fun simple squares are for making quilts! This class is designed for you if you are just starting or simply looking to relax and enjoy your quilting practice. No experience necessary.

and then there's my Whizz Bang and Beyond class on the fourth Friday of the month, 10-1pm, where we do more creative 3D techniques such as the folded fabric blocks, yoyos, and do all sorts of fun things. 

Phone 02 9819 6455

It was great timing to visit Material Obsession because they have a  huge super sale on. 

Lots of fabulous bargains including fabric by the weight.

I loved this basket of bobbles being sold by the cup. 

They had kits on sale, yardage, fat quarters, books, tools, everything you could think of. Of course I found some treasures but there are plenty more. The sale is on until classes start in February so there's still time to get there to grab some super specials. 

For anyone who's wondering...
There is a pattern for Horizon Bubbles, available from Material Obsession.  As for the beautiful Horizons fabrics, they will be in shops very soon so keep an eye out or pre-order so you're the first on the block to get some. 

A pretty photo to finish with, an aptly named pincushion flower whose colour reminds my of Horizon Bubbles quilt. 

Wishing you all a fun week.

Fun things on the Horizon


  1. Those fabrics are luscious! I just want to dive in up and swim around in them. Thanks for the inspiration!

  2. Beautiful fabric + great design = eye-catching quilt! Really, the sum is even greater than the parts here. Lovely.

  3. Well done on your wonderful success. I love this new Horizons from Kathy. Magpies and windmills are my favorites.

  4. I absolutely love your Horizon Bubbles quilt ! Design and palette are both gorgeous. And as always I enjoyed reading your post and watching your beautiful and fun pictures.

  5. What delightful fabrics! I love them all. I love your Bubbles quilt in the "moody" range, but somehow I feel you are best described as "vibrant"! I am particularly fond of this quilt as "Bubble" is the nickname I have for our 7 year old grandson. He has significant autism and although he isn't very verbal he is exceptionally "vibrant". I real treasure just like your quilt. Have fun with your classes!

  6. Ohh they are gorgeous fabrics!!!! Wish I lived closer to take a class arghhh. There are definitely lots of fun things happening on the horizon!

  7. Ooooh, what a pretty new fabric line! Your bubbles quilt is so striking in Kathy's fabrics. And you look too cute being swallowed up by the quilts! ;-D

  8. Wow! I love it. Maggie’s, windmills, gum leaves and emus. You can’t get much more Aussie than that.

  9. This is a gorgeous fabric range and your choice of quilt to showcase it works so well. I enjoy seeing quilts made in different fabrics or colourways so it is lovely to see yours side by side. Looks like you had a lot of fun fussy cutting may of the circles. I can see why this range appealed to you.
    It also look like you will be busy again with your classes. i do hope they continue to be a lot of fun.
    Now, turning up at Material Obsession when a sale is on would be a dangerous idea. We would have to starve for a while as I would not be able to restrict my spending. It all looks too lovely.

  10. Your quilts are always gorgeous, the colors brillant, and your creativity endless

  11. I'm not ashamed to admit I let out a little squeal when I saw your quilt at market! I snapped up a bundle of this amazing fabric but have yet to cut into it. It keeps nagging me to do something...I must obey!LOL

  12. You're quite right - Australia does have it's own colour palette, and Kathy has captured it perfectly here. Your quilt looks lovely.

  13. Great quilt fabrics and I love your Bubbles Quilt. Good luck with your classes.

  14. Oh Rachael, the fabric.....ohhhh ahhhhhh they are so beautiful. Wonderful to see you running along with your abundant energy..........wonderful

  15. Always fun to play with new fabric and see what you can do..... Great quilt.....

  16. Stunning post...getting so jealous that I cannot go to your workshop that I am eating chocolate...lots of it..


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