I recently shared this photo of a new block on instagram. It received so many lovely comments about the bird fabric that I thought I'd share a quilt that I made in 2012 using the same fabric in a variety of colours.

Okay- Hopping into our time machine now and whizzing back to April 2012:

Here it is... the grand unveiling of my finished Waltzing Matilda quilt!!

The front is made entirely of two of my most favourite fabrics, Nuala and Matilda, both by Jennifer Paganelli of Sis Boom but from ranges released a few years apart. Everyone knows I love Jennifer's beautiful rich, bright colours. Creating gorgeous toiles in these fabulous colours is brilliant in my humble opinion!

I was limited with the design because I only had fat quarters of some of the fabrics and didn't want to waste even a corner by doing any curved piecing, so that left squares or triangles.  The design wasn't planned beforehand. I'm a real player in the sewing room, stick a bit of fabric on the design wall and see what happens.

At 96 by 96 inches it was way too huge to quilt myself and I’m lucky enough to know the best longarm quilter, Tanya Croft. The pattern she chose for this quilt couldn’t be more perfect. It echoes the fabric patterns with free flowing, beautiful, botanical lines.

The backing is also made up of Sis Boom fabrics,  Ann Flower Mural in the green and brown colour ways. I just can’t get enough of a good thing!

 Have you ever noticed that some quilts are suited to being flat so you can enjoy the whole design whereas other quilts are fun to scrunch up and get cosy in. No matter how the quilt is folded or flipped around it still looks good. I guess it’s a result of using favourite fabrics but I love this quilt any way it falls, messed up, upside down, back to front or nice and smooth on my bed.

 I had some help styling the photos. Mr Daisy's parents were visiting recently so off we went to show them some local sites. I took Waltzing Matilda along.They really got into the spirit of coming up with ideas and climbing through bush and over rocks to get photos.

Thanks Joan and Brian!!! And Mr Daisy!!!

As for the title...For those of you that don’t know - The song Waltzing Matilda is so very Australian, an unofficial national anthem. Seeing as the fabric is called Matilda, the quilt just had to be Waltzing Matilda
So that's one of the quilts I have hanging at the Springwood Community Quilt Show...

Edited to show a photo of Waltzing Matilda hanging at the 2012 Springwood Quilt Show.

It's been fun dusting off an old blogpost, featuring an older quilt, reliving the fun times we had photographing it. Maybe I should throw in a few more flashback posts from time to time?

Wishing you fun sewing times till I pop up again.