More amazing quilts from the 2017 Sydney Quilt Show

There were over 400 quilts at this years Sydney Quilt Show.  So many amazing, beautiful, outstanding quilts. This is just a small selection of some of my favourites. 
I've included the photo of the information card that accompanied each quilt, it will credit the quiltmaker/s and designers plus it's great to read the descriptions, the stories add so much to the quilts. 

This first quilt is this years Best In Show - Star Link by Pamela Brockwell. I'm kicking myself for not getting proper photos of this amazing quilt. I saw it on the set up day and it stopped me in my tracks. Clever pattern, amazing quilting and I love the tiny scallops all around the edges. I had a chat to Pamela and she is just lovely. Such a super star quilter but down down to earth and so friendly. 

These next two photos were kindly sent to me by Pam North, thanks Pam!!

Check out the scallop binding.

This quilt is by Lisa Peterson of Nesting Needles patchwork shop in Coffs Harbour. It's hard to tell in the photo how big the butterfly is. If it was a real butterfly it would be big enough for a person to fly around on, or you can use the Judges Commendation ribbon to give you a sense of scale.

Kim Sivours "Birden" quilt was so impressive for alls beautiful hand work and delightful design.
This is one of the many quilts that made me feel very humble about winning my awards. So much work and beauty deserves a thousand ribbons. 

I loved this beautiful basket quilt by Anne Blythman. The latte colour was such a perfect backdrop to show off the pretty colours in all of those fun baskets

The exquisite hand quilting earned Anne the very special award of Excellence in Hand Quilting (amateur), plus a Judges Commendation. 

I loved how contemporary Alan R Tremain's Dress Code was. Such a striking and clever design  it really drew you to it as soon as you saw it.

Yes this is all teeny tiny hexies!! Crikey!! Lyn Crump has created a masterpiece!! Limeberry Tart is such a perfect name.  You can fin Lyn on instagram as @busyquilting

 Jessica Wheelahan's quilts always make a statement whether it be for their striking improv mastery or in this case it's making a statement in protest against grey hound racing. Read the tag - she says it perfectly.

See more of Jessica's work on Instagram @Birdie_beetle

It's always a pleasure to admire Janet Treen's breathtaking work. Her skill blows me away. It really does seem quite magical that she produces such beauty with a needle and thread. You may know Janet's name as she has won two Sydney Best In Shows and a Best in Australia award for her beautiful quilts. 

Amelia's Family Album won first in it's category plus the special award "Retaining the Tradition: Best Traditional Quilt- Professional".

Unbelievable applique and hand quilting, and the fabric choices for the roses make them look so real. 

More amazing quilting!!! but a little more modern. Leanne Harvey's Elektra really is electric. I watched her post these blocks every day for 100 days on instagram so it was extra wonderful to see the finished quilt.  

Leanne is such a longarm quilting super star!!!  You can follow her fun adventures on instagram @leanne_mountvincentquilts.

Kathy Doughty of Material Obsession has done it again with her Overgrown quilt. Such brilliant use of colour! The pattern draws you in and looks as though you could step into a sumptuous fabric world. 

Wendy Welsh's version of La Passacaglia was a knock out!! 

It was awarded with a Judges Commendation along with the special award of Bernina Amateur Encouragement Award. 
You'll find Wendy on Instagram @wendysquiltsandmore  and her blog of the same name here

 I know people think of me as a modern quilter but it's often the traditional quilts I head for when I go to quilt shows. I'm in awe of the work, skill and patience it takes to make one of these quilts.  Robyn Molyneaux's Field of Flowers was perfection.

I loved seeing this quilt The Gift made by Suzanne Laird and quilted by Susie Anderson of Leura Quilting. The photo doesn't do the quilt justice, but the colours, fabrics, quilt pattern and quilting all came together to make such a beautiful quilt.

Julie Kennedy's Organically It Grew was like a modern garden. It won Best Contemporary Quilt Amateur and second place in its category. You can find Julie in instagram @jewels_Kennedy

Another beautiful quilt. Doing the Rounds by Susan Reinhard.

Denise Griffiths beautiful Flora Australia features giant 3D flowers. I love seeing our Aussie flowers showcased so wonderfully. See more of Denise's work at her website

Okay,  are you sitting down?

This is a big statement but Catherine Butterworth's From Inside Out is the most beautiful quilt I have ever seen. I was moved to tears from it's sheer beauty and the genius of it all.

The pattern, the fabrics, the colours, perfect fussy cutting, decorative couching stitches, it has little tiny yoyos, interesting 3D piecing that I've never seen before, a perfect peeper in the binding, the outstanding quilting was done on her domestic sewing machine (Yay Bernina!!). The quilt is huge so even the size was impressive. I love that the style and fabric choices make it sit right in the middle of traditional and modern - a true contemporary quilt. I could rave on about this quilt until the cows come home but I'll shush up and let you see for yourself.

I was fascinated with the way she played with the shadowing of the stripes around the center star.

 Wow!! All of Catherine Butterworth's quilts are amazing feats of fabric, see more on her instagram feed @ccbutterworth .

I'll leave it there with that masterpiece.  If you'd like to see more wonderful quilts pop over to the QuiltNSW Prize winners gallery here. 

More amazing quilts from the 2017 Sydney Quilt Show


  1. O Rachael, what a beautiful quilts you shared with us, especially the applique quilts are sooooo beautiful.You have so many talented quilters over there.
    Thank you so much to let us see these beauties.
    Cheers Tilly

  2. I am speechless at the brilliance of it all...Thank you!! xoxo

  3. Wow ..... and wow... ! I just can say that !
    Thank you for sharing Rachael and congratulations to the winners !

  4. Dress Code is such a fun quilt ! Thanks for sharing these pictures Rachael !

  5. Thanks for sharing, Rachel. Every single quilt is an absolute masterpiece. I'm left feeling astounded, humbled, inspired, inadequate and excited all at once.

  6. Thank you for allowing the rest of us to see the quilts in the Sydney show. Such inspiration and amaaaaaaaazing detail work, such insight into the creative minds out there. I often have to be reminded that there is a quilt show when I attend these places, one does get a little lost in the shopping aisles .......but then it's a good excuse to go another see the quilts, that I didn't quite get to when in the frenzy of fabric acquisition.......oh I am such a bad bad lady.......that's BAD not bag!! Though I do carry a big bag at these places........... for my fabric ..........that I acquire get the drift!

  7. You've chosen so many of my favourites. Susan Reinhard is one of the friends I met up along with Chooky after the show. Watching "Doing the Rounds" come together was so terrific. People are just so talented, imaginative and inventive. Janet Treen's Baltimore is a masterpiece and "From the Inside Out" is gobsmacking.

  8. Thank you for taking all these photos and acknowledging the work that went into every quilt in the show. Catherine Butterworth's was my favourite too! She has performed magic with the fabrics. I needed another 3 days to see everything properly. Next time I'll have to stay for longer - yes, I'm already talking about returning next year. QuiltNSW is a great guild made up of very talented people. Thanks for including my quilt in your highlights.

  9. I could never be a judge at these shows!! Mainly because i could never make a decision. There are so many wonderful quilts - how can you choose just one.
    Thank you for sharing these photos. Love them.

  10. What amazingly wonderful quilts. I admire these quilts so much. Everyone seems like a winner - Wow!!!!
    Thank you for sharing so much fabulous inspiration with us.
    Janet's is amazing. No wonder she has been so quiet lately creating this quilt.
    I love the Dress Code quilt :)

  11. What an incredible show of quilts. How can you even pick a favorite. I can't even imagine having to be the judge for such an amazing show. Could anyone dare say that quilters aren't artists.

  12. Fabulous quilts, but that last one is aMAZing!! Thank you so much for sharing the pics.

  13. Hi Rachael wow these quilts are amazing and boy i can see why the winning quilt moved you to tears,its stunning,thankyou for sharing xx

  14. Thank you for posting the quilt pictures. I go to the Show every year but this year I was unable to, owing to a knee replacement. Now I have a good idea of what some of the quilts were like! They are beautiful.


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