Some days I feel like the luckiest daisy alive!
Finding out I was the winner of a wonderful giveaway held by Wendy of The Constant Quilter blog was one of those days.

The prize was this wonderful mini quilt with teeny tiny piecing!

How lovely to include a beautiful card showing where these lovely gifts where sent from.

Wendy totally spoiled me with extras. She knew I would love these vintage trims

Plus this delightful book that seems as though it was made for me. 

Hankie Couture - Handcrafted fashions from vintage hankies!!!

Not only are all the dresses so cleverly designed, the photos are charming and there are witty, positive sayings on each page.

The author Marsha Greenberg writes with such zest for her creations. It's not just a book about doll dresses it's a book about being creative and passionate for your craft. A very inspiring read. 

As I was flipping through the pages Rachaeldaisy Barbie came up and had a look too. Next thing I knew she'd raced off to my sewing room and dived into my stash of vintage hankies.

It didn't take too long for her to start picking her favourites to be made into dresses.

"A pretty heart skirt perhaps?"

"I think this would be perfect for a garden party."

"Sorry Rachaeldaisy Barbie, dresses will have to wait for now because I'm busy working on other things but definitely one day!!"

After all the hankie fun Rachaeldaisy went off and enjoyed some afternoon sunshine. 

She had fun doing some shadow dancing.

hmm I wonder where she learned that from.

Such a wonderful, wonderful gift, thank you so much Wendy, 
from both Rachaeldaisy Barbie and myself. 

I'll leave you with just one more hankie dress. 
" What gives a Hankie Couture woman that "wow" factor?
 Her Passion for life!".