From tigers to leopards with quilts in between.

I think super long posts are beginning to be my signature style. I just have lots to share I guess. 

It was another fun Whizz Bang and Beyond class at Material Obsession on Tuesday.

Heather has been working on these wonderful blocks and we decided on a striking way to show them off.

She'll be using these fabrics as the background.

Lee made this perfect star in her grey and yellow colourway. I couldn't resist placing it on a doily for the photo. 

She stocked up on fabrics for another project she is making. Such a lovely muted palette with lots of textural prints.

Over to Helena who works in brilliantly in brights!!

We all loved this fabric she pulled from her stash.

Helena also has great taste in black and white patterned pants. If we ever give up quilting we could take up cancan dancing.

Some of our class mates were away this week travelling and having adventures. Hello lovely ladies if you're reading this. 
We always have room for more if you're interested in joining in. Just Call Material Obsession on 02 9819 6455 or email or email me of you have questions. 

Material Obsession's entrance quilts of the day were these beauties by Kathy Doughty's and Wendy Williams featuring Kathy's Celebrate fabrics. Such a wonderful bright welcome.

Talking of Kathy's fabrics, remember a few weeks ago I shared my Bernina Suzie-Q Flower Girl quilt? 

Well now's a good time for the longer story.

A little while ago the lovely ladies at Bernina asked if I would like to make a quilt sample for their long arm Q20 workshops being run at craft shows. The idea was to quilt this lovely SuzieQ girl /geometric illustration designed by Sue deVanny.

So I let the panel hang around for a while on my design wall and just let ideas brew. It was the flowers in her hair that made me think of the fun flowers in Kathy Doughty's fabrics.

Big bloomy blooms...

and then there were these cute characters that looked as though they wanted to come to the party. 

So I started cutting and sewing and before too long...

 a garden had grown!!

A couple of things made this a super easy project.
1.Using Steam a seam lite to attach the flowers keeps them firmly in place when sewing and you know there'll be minimal fraying from the raw edges.
2. The other wonderful thing was the fabrics. The thin black line around each shape gave me something to follow plus hid any lines that were a bit wobbly. It would have be great to have more time to add more sketchy lines but maybe that can happen another day.

I have to admit to being a tad nervous that it was supposed to be a quilting sample and I got carried away sewing flowers all over it but I figured I'm known for being a rule breaker so it was worth a try. Luckily Bernina were happy and Sue de Vanny who designed the panel said she loved it too. Phew!!

 Fun party background!

 This is the Bernina Workshop stand at AQC. They'll be running the workshops at the Sydney Quilt Show so you can work on your own Suzie-Q panel using their fabulous Q20 machines.  You can also see the display of all the different Suzie-Q quilts quilted by many of Australia's top quilters.

It's nearly a week until the Sydney Quilt Show opens next Thursday. I'm so looking forward to catching up with my friends and seeing all the beautiful quilts. 

This year QuiltNSW has a new Photography Policy. I'm posting this as a reminder to anyone who posts photos anywhere on social media that they MUST acknowledge the quiltmaker(s) names and also the designer of the quilt. Not only is it paying the maker/designers the respect they deserve but also for copyright reasons. 
A handy trick is to take a photo of the information card that is hanging on the quilt. That has all the information needed. 

Here are some things that have been happening in my sewing room lately...

I seem to be into cute pink things at the moment. 

I've made another version of my Gypsy Carnival quilt that I'll be teaching to the lovely Illawarra Quilters this coming Saturday but that'll be a fun post of it's own... 

I've been spending a lot of time at my computer recently (I'm getting square eyes). On Sunday I went to my desk and found that Mr Daisy brought me a beautiful camelia from the garden. I was impressed that he'd also arranged it in a vase. It was such a sweet and special surprise. 

I started the post off with a tiger in a jungle so I'll finish with a leopard in an exotic garden. 

Wishing you fun times and smiles until the next time.

From tigers to leopards with quilts in between.


  1. Love, love it all Rachael! Makes me smile 😍

  2. Wow Rachael you are so clever,I love everything you do ,it's all amazing,you are amazing,thankyou for sharing xx

  3. Such a wonderful fun your blocks! Some great blocks made by the ladies as well. How gorgeous are those quilts x

  4. O wat a lovely blogpost. Love all of your projects,you are a busy girl.
    Cheers Tilly

  5. Your ladies continue to provide plenty of eye candy at their class. I love the different versions of Suzy Q. Who said you can't add colour. They all look fabulous. That Mr Daisy is a keeper.

  6. I love your bright and happy posts!

    This time next week I'll be in Sydney!! Can't wait to catch up again.

  7. thanks for sharing your process and it was fun to see all the other Bernina entries. Yours really was a stand out with those bright colors.
    Yay for pretty pink things!!
    So glad you are out teaching and bringing fun to others through your workshops!
    loved the photo of you gals doing the can can.

  8. Thanks for another fun filled post. I love starting the day with such wonderful eye candy! And thanks for the reminder to acknowledge the quiltmaker and designer when posting people's work. It is so important to give credit where credit is due. Enjoy the day.

  9. I love seeing how you created the lovely Lady and then seeing a bit of the designs others created starting with the same piece. Can we see more of those?

  10. I love each of your long & happy post!I hop with you from a subject to another with so much pleasure!
    XOXO from France

  11. So many wonderful fabrics that your class mates are having fun using. I have been to a few show where they don't require the quilt maker to acknowledge the pattern designer and it makes me crazy! I'm glad you've brought this to our attention--it's only good manners--lol!

  12. So Rachael, did you make your panel on a Q20? How did you like it if you did? I don't make many quilts for display only, but this panel is so beautiful I could make an exception. LOL. It is so amazing to me each time I see a quilt made by several people using the same pattern but different materials. I know most people do that, but I could look at the differences all day long. Beautiful quilts. Mesmerizing! Thanks again for sharing. P.S. That wasn't such a long poet. I didn't even get through one cup of tea while reading it! More. More!

  13. OOOps. I meant to say POST not poet.

  14. Oh my goodness, I had lots of fun and smiles reading your post!! I love the fabrics in your blocks posted here and the Susie Q hanging is delicious! I'm thinking I should email Material Obsession to try and get my hands on some of the fabric with the leopard/tiger/monkeys etc on there, I have just received a Chris Jurd pattern and I know exactly where this fabric would go!
    Congratulate Mr D on being the sort of guy who can present you with a lovely offering from the garden to start you day!

  15. 02 9819 6455 calling calling answer for poor old grandma from across the seas...sigh...I am preparing for a quilting bday party tonight...Dear Margaret will be 100 years old on the 20th...She is so booked for parties, we are having hers here..tonight. She comes to every Wednesday night quilting with her daughters...We love our Margaret...So I made her our 80 year old family fudge recipe...Just sitting down to enjoy the pan drippings...guess I really am 5 at heart...when I saw a post from the dear and famous Rachel Delightful as is the exotic garden prompted by the flower given her by Mr. Daisy...oooo la la...xxxoo

  16. Oh, those first and last pictures! Love them!! As long as we have fabric stashes that speak our language we will have no difficulty with the fun times and smiles.

  17. Bright. And Cheerful . Your joy and love of color is inspiring and your students are enjoying it all. Great share.

  18. What a delight to see your bright and colorful quilts. I'm happy to see you having so many teaching opportunities and sharing your expertise with your students.

  19. What a delight to see your bright and colorful quilts. I'm happy to see you having so many teaching opportunities and sharing your expertise with your students.

  20. I love how your SuzyQ quilt reflects your personality ! That's interesting to see so much diversity with the same panel.

  21. I really love your fun long posts and discover what happened on the other side of the planet !
    Your students are clever and talented ! Your quilt for the Bernina exhibition is sooo beautiful !
    Rachael = flowers ! No doubt about that ! :)

  22. You're having such a great time with all those beautiful fabrics. Material Obsession is such a glorious rainbowland. Hope to see you next Friday.

  23. Your students are coming up with some truly wonderful blocks. It is wonderful seeing the variety.
    Thanks for explaining the details of your sampler, too. That looks like it was a lot of fun to do.
    And so good to see you still have time to work on some of your own blocks.
    Are you spending time at the Sydney Show??

  24. interesting and funny! I want to try your ideas too!!Love you colored world!

  25. LOVE the Bernina quilt sample! My fave!


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